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Prep Players to put on 'Urinetown' musical May 9 and 10

The Prep Players theater group has announced its newest spring musical: Urinetown.Urinetown takes place in a time of desperation and desolation. A massive water shortage means that private toilets have been outlawed and public amenities are run by the evil Urine Good Company (or UGC) headed up by the villainous Caldwell B. Cladwell. When our hero's, father is carted off to Urinetown for failing to comply with the laws and regulations, it ignites Bobby Strong to lead a revolution against the corruption and oppression.

On the surface, this show is a comedy, riffing on a wide range of Broadway traditions and conventions. But, if you dig deeper, it explores the issues of corporate greed, the growing gap between the rich and poor, and conservation, in the end it reminding us that we all play a part.

The show runs in the Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Kelley at the Quick Center on May 9 and 10, beginning at 8 p.m. each evening and running about 2 hours with an intermission.  

Tickets can be ordered by calling the box office at 203-254-4010.  


Officer Lockstock – Thomas Rudden
Officer Barrel – Jack Colabella 
Little Sally – Grace Dortenzio
Penelope Pennywise – Audrey Burns
Bobby Strong – Robbie Whitney
Hope Cladwell – Aleksandra Suvorova
Caldwell B. Cladwell – Tomas LIgnore
Mr. McQueen – Brendan Martinez
Senator Fipp – Eciaus Booth 
Cladwell’s Secretary – Samantha Renzulli
Mrs. Millennium – Emma Wasserman
UGC Executives – Derrick Jia/Arav D’Souza/Peter Zhuang
Old Man Strong – JP Queenan
Hot Blades Harry – Will Gualtiere
Little Becky Two Shoes – Samantha Renzulli
Soupy Sue – Emily Hoffman
Josephine Strong – Emma Borys
Billy Boy Bill – Brian Gallegos
Tiny Tom – Kenneth Geisert
Bobby the Stockfish – David Jaworowski
Rebel Poor – Bruce Guo/ Will Quincy/JP Queenan
Cops – JP Queenan/Kenneth Geisert/Will Gualtiere/David Jaworowski

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