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Liturgical ministers installed at All Saints Day Mass

The Fairfield Prep students and faculty raised their arms in prayer to ask for God's blessings on these servers during the All Saints Day Mass today.


The Fairfield Prep community celebrated the All Saints Day Mass on Thursday with an installation of the liturgical ministers for the 2018-19 academic year.

The liturgical ministers assist in Prep Masses throughout the year as lectors, alter servers, ushers, musicians, and Eucharistic ministers (see the names below). The installation was led by Prep President Rev. Tom Simisky, S.J., and visiting Jesuit priest Rev. Rodolfo Casals, S.J., the assistant director of vocations for the Maryland and USA Northeast Provinces.

The Prep students and faculty raised their arms in asking for God's blessing on these students as them embark on their year of serving at Mass. They also received a round of applause at the end of Mass.

The All Saints Day Mass kicks off a month of remembrance for Prep as well recall loved ones and friends who have passed away. We ask anyone who wishes to have a person remembered at our weekly Friday Masses to fill out our remembrance form here.

2018-19 Liturgical Ministers

Liam Woods
Travis Nguyen
Desmond Brown
Matt Hansen

Eucharistic Ministers
Brian Rooney
John Dooley
Andrew Lydon
Owen Gannon
Ethan Dubrosky
Silvano Murljacic
Bobby Hansen
Jack Steed
Matt Torres
Charlie Auray
Nick Tsorvas
Tommy Hoover
Jackson Gilmore

Altar Servers
Jack Smith
Matt Hansen
John Casey
Will Gualtiere
Michael Deveney
Rory Day
Zach Simonetti

Evan Small
David Jaworowski
Tomas Lignore
Aidan Harding
Richard Graf
Sam Davenport
Anthony Daccache
Joe Bednar   

Aaron Lane
Eddie Tristine
Evan Bean
Jack Littlefield
Karsten Kaminski
Jimmy Gill
Liam Tierney
Oliver Wells
William Quincy
Ford Young
Kenneth Geisert
Xingzao (Peter) Zhuang
John O'Keefe
Josh Peiffer
Travis Nguyen
Ian Mallari

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