Fairfield Prep COVID-19 Response Protocols
If a student tests positive for COVID-19, a student’s family should immediately call the Prep COVID-19 Hotline at 203.331.6248. You can also contact Nurse Mary Ellen Lehman at mlehmann@fairfieldprep.org and Contact Tracer Tom Curran at tcurran@fairfieldprep.org. Fairfield Prep administrators will begin by immediately contacting the Fairfield Town Health Department as well as the Fairfield University Student Health Center.

Students and adults who had direct contact with the infected member of the community will be notified by a member of the Prep team. (Direct contact is defined as having had contact within six feet for fifteen or more minutes).

The individual who tests positive will be required to stay home and isolate for 10 days. People in close contact with that individual need to quarantine for 14 days. "Testing out" is not an option for either scenario for returning to Prep prior to the end of the quarantine period.

Students will be required to provide a doctor's note to Prep confirming he is healthy enough to return to school.

For more guidance on quarantine protocols, visit the CDC's website.