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Fairfield Prep announces Entrepreneurship Institute

Fairfield Prep announces Entrepreneurship Institute

Today's educational landscape is constantly evolving in response to the needs of our world.More and more, higher education is collaborating with corporations to enhance student learning and readiness to enter an increasingly complex economy. Entrepreneurship programs have been a key driver in this field.

Fairfield Prep is pleased to launch the Fairfield Prep Entrepreneurship Institute for the 2019-20 academic year. The program will consist of entrepreneurial studies combined with off campus learning at manufacturing plants, venture capital firms, intellectual property law firms, and many other industries. Within the program, students will be able to bring their innovative business plans to life with the support of faculty and mentoring from successful alumni. Students will also compete in the Fairfield Prep "StartUp" competition, with the winning team moving on to Fairfield University's competition for the opportunity to win significant monetary awards toward developing their passion and business ideas.

The Fairfield Prep Entrepreneurship Institute is unique because it weaves together entrepreneurship learning with Jesuit tradition. As President Rev. Tom Simisky, S.J., explains:

"Jesuits have a nearly 500-year tradition of social entrepreneurship. Jesuits have been sent on missions throughout the globe, entered into diverse cultures, learned the languages and needs of various societies, built local teams, and responded creatively to people's needs through institutions that left a lasting social impact. Today, we carry that mission forward through Jesuit education. You read that in Fairfield Prep's Vision Statement: 'We are committed to graduating transformational leaders who will respond to global and ecological challenges in an interconnected world marked by profound change.' This is true entrepreneurship in the Jesuit tradition."    

The Fairfield Prep Entrepreneurship Institute logo.

The program has been initiated with a seed investment from Boston-based alumnus, Greg Strakosch '80. Rick Henderson, VP for Advancement states, "Greg's experience as CEO of a tech company combined with his experience in the entrepreneurship program at Boston College makes him an amazing asset to us. His guidance and support will help us impact our students for many years to come. We are truly blessed to have Greg with us."

The Fairfield Prep Entrepreneurship Institute will begin in September 2019. Henderson adds, "We are very excited to have this as a part of our curriculum. Our mission of 'Men for Others' supports our vision of forming transformational leaders of tomorrow. As a front-runner in innovative secondary education, this is another example of why young men want to attend Fairfield Prep in order to prepare for college and life beyond."

Kevin Gallagher '17 (right) during the Fairfield University "Start Up" competition in 2017, where he won $11,500 to fund his "Trees of Life" concept to bring clean drinking water to people in need through a desalination system using mangrove trees. Kevin attends Yale University.


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