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Bellarmine Review releases Spring 2023 issue

The Fairfield Prep Creative Writing Club has published the latest issue of the school's literary magazine, The Bellarmine Review.

The Bellarmine Review is Fairfield Prep's literary magazine, featuring the creative writing of Prep students. The issue is available for download here, or virtually on the Bellarmine Review page in the Arts section.

The Creative Writing Club Moderator is Mr. Brian Hoover.

Read virtually here!

Read the Bellarmine Review

Students who want to view an iBook version of the issue on their iPads need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open their Self-Service apps.
  2. Find the file labeled, “The Bellarmine Review spring issue 2023”
  3. Hit the “Reinstall” button
  4. Open iBooks, and find the fall issue in your library.

Bellarmine Review Staff Credits

Editor-in-Chief: Jack Miller ’23
Layout Editor: Tiankai Huang ’24
Cover Designer: Tim Wong ’23, Tiankai Huang ’24
Faculty Advisor: Brian Hoover
Faculty Layout Advisor: Robert Fosse-Previs ’87


James Callaghan ’25 
Drew Cesaratto ’24
Alsir Elsheikh ’24
Farrell Nivrose ’24
Anderson Jara ’24
Nicholas Yepes ’24
Ethan Andujar ’23
Matthew Mancini ’23
Ryan Riccio ’23
Brando Savi ’23
Tianhao Wu ’23
Luis Brea ’23
Christopher Capalbo ’23
JaVere Cannonier ’24
Kent Costikyan ’24
Alexander Drienek ’24
James Callaghan ’25
Christopher Cope ’23
Alex Salazar ’25
Tim Wong ’23
Ben Lester ’25
Ryan Oshinskie ’23

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