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Spring Auction raises $313,000 to benefit Prep!

Spring Auction raises $313,000 to benefit Prep!
See Photos and Special Tribute Video to Fr. Hanwell, S.J.

Building the Hallways to Success! Spring Auction raises funds to benefit Prep!

What an amazing night for Prep! Over 250 people attended the Annual Spring Auction held on May 6 in the Student Life Center. In addition to delicious food, friends and a great performance from the Prep Men’s Chorus, we raised $313,000 to help advance Prep and to support Financial Aid opportunities.

Special thanks to our Sponsors, Benefactors, the Committee and all the volunteers who made this event possible. Thank you to everyone in the Prep Community for your generosity!

Additionally, the winning ticket of the $25,000 Tuition Raffle was pulled at 10:15 PM. The Prep Community thanks Co-Chairmen Beth Kelly and Nancy Lyons, the Auction chairs Eileen Blees, Mary Ellen Connelly and Jane Pompa, plus the many committee members and volunteers who worked to make this event possible. We also offer special gratitude to all of our generous sponsors and donors (listed below) who helped to underwrite the evening. 


Special Thanks to our Volunteer Committee

Jen Alexander, Trudy Anderson, Eileen Baird, Rosemary Barry, Alison Barry, Deidre Bennett, Pasqualina Berkowitz, Eileen Blees, Regina Bobroske, Ellen Boyle, Mary Ellen Brennan-Connelly, Cathleen Caione, Barbara Carr, Krista Carroll, Donna Casablanca, Cathy Chelstowski, Susan Cipollaro, Angela Colarossi, Sue Connelly, Tara Cowles, Stephanie Cullimore, Mary DeRosa, Linda DeSilva, Kathy Dilks, Meredith Donahue, Maureen Doyle, Christie Eden, Donna Fallacaro, Ellen Finnigan, Kathy Flynn, Mimi Flynn, Maria Fuligni, Jeannine Gallagher, Victoria Garfield, MaryEllen Guere, Cecilia Hatton, Wendy Held, Laura Imrie, Jennie Julio, Dana Kery, Lynn Kocis, Mary Kroll, Beverly Lauren, Lara Linsenmeyer, Dawn Llewellyn, Claudia Lydon, Gretchen Magel, Lisy Martinez, Nancy Masone, Ambi Moore, Connie Murljacic, Kim Murphy, Jodi Murray Gregg, Dorie Neary, Mary Alice Noone, Shannon Nordlinger, Katie O’Grady, Sage Osa, Sima Patel, Julie Pollard, Jane Pompa, Lana Quincy, Heather Reilly, Terri Roberts, Maureen Sawyer, Jessica Selden, Kathleen Sweeney, Laura Trautz, Andrea Urban, Tiffany Vlandis, Linda Wales, Nancy Wiig, Jeanne Wingate

Thank you to our sponsors, special benefactors and gift donors

Diamond Sponsor - EMCOR Group, Inc.
Table Sponsors - Anonymous

Special Benefactors

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Auray
Mr. & Mrs. Emerson Becker
Fairfield Prep Bellarmine Guild
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Burris
Dash N Drizzle LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dineley
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Fickes
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fox
Garden Catering
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gavey
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Giacobbe
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Gough
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guere
Mrs. Elizabeth Halpin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hatton
Island Outfitters
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jacobi
Mr. & Mrs. Casey Jannott
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Keehan
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Keith ’80
Mr. & Mrs. William Kelleher
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kovaleski
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Loya
Mr. & Mrs. John Lucas ’87
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lyons ’73
Mr. & Mrs. Nunzio Masone
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCauley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McHugh
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Noone
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Hara
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Oleary
Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Pacelli
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Palladino
Mr. & Mrs. John Reale
Mr. Jose Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stone
Vineyard Vines Retail, LLC
Vintage Garden, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Vlandis
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Whamond
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wisniewski

Many thanks to our Donors

Abbey Tent & Party Rentals
Adam Broderick Salon
Aspetuck Brew Lab
Barcelona Restaurant
Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Berkowitz, P’20
Mr. & Mrs. George Blees, P’15
Blue Star Bazaar
Senator Richard Blumenthal
BMW of Bridgeport
Boston Red Sox
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Boyle ’83, P’19
Brennan/Connelly Families
Brennan’s Shebeen ’92
Dr. Jill Debiasi Caridi, P’18
Cinch Food
The Circle Inn
Mrs. Elaine J. Clark, P’14
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn V. Colarossi, P’17
Columbus Park Trattoria
Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Connelly, P’15, ’21
Ms. Susan P. Connelly, P’15
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Connelly, ’78
Country Cow
Mr. & Ms. Peter P. Cowles, P’20
Dash ’N Drizzle
Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. DeRosa, P’18
Dineley Painting LLC
Mr. Michael P. Donahue ’98
Dooney & Bourke
Ms. Patricia Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. James Dunn, P’10
Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Edmonds, P’13, ’15
Mr. Kevin M. Donohue ’80 & Ms. Eva Katcher
Fairfield Prep
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fallacaro, P’18, ’21
Mr. Christian Felner ’13
Garden Catering
Mr. Edward Z. Gormbley ’95 & Mrs. Catherine O’Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Grabe, P’18
Mr. Elliott J. Gualtiere
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guere, P’17
Guiliana’s Boutique
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Harding ’87
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hatton, P’13, ’18
Ms. Leone Hinzman
Hot Spot Glass Studio
Hotel Hi-Ho
The Families of ICR
Island Outfitters
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Imrie, P’18
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Jacobi, P’18
Jet Blue Airways
Joy Ride Cycling
Mr. & Mrs. Traugott F. Keller ’78, P’11,’17
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kelly, P’13, ’16, ’18
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. King, P’18
Kleps/Roach/O’Connor Families
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Koulogianis
Mrs. Kate Larson
The Latin Scholars
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Leary, P’17
Ms. Lara Linsenmeyer, P’18
Little Pub Restaurant
Mr. Angelo Lopiano, P’20
Mr. & Mrs. A. John P. Mancini ’82, P’18, ’20
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Marchetti ’88
MasterCard Incorporated
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell McManus, P’19
Mr. Corey Milazzo
Millie Rae’s
Mrs. Diane Mirabile, P’17
Ms. Kathleen S. O’Grady, P’17
Painting with a Twist
Dr. Robert A. Perrotta
Project Repat
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Quincy ’87, P’17
Red Mountain Resort & Spa
Mrs. Ann Marie Riffice, P’18
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rog Jr., P’12
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rolapp, P’16
Russell/Santa Families
Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Sawyer, P’17, ’21
Shubert Organization
Rev. Thomas M. Simisky, S.J.
Splash of Pink
Mr. & Mrs. James P Starrett, P’06, ’18
Fr. Bret Stockdale S.J.
Mr. & Mrs. George P. Szondy ’72, P’06
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew P. Terry ’82, P’11,’12, ’15, ’17
Tiffany & Company
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Vazzano, P’12
Vineyard Vines
Vintage Gardens
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence A Vitulano ’68
Mrs. Carrie Wilcox, P’20
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Wisniewski, P’18
Mr. & Mrs. Christian B. Wymbs, P’20