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Operation Rice Bowl meets challenge!

Operation Rice Bowl meets challenge!
Freshmen support Catholic Relief Services

Operation Rice Bowl helps alleviate hunger!

Mr. Sacerdote’s Rice Bowl Challenge has ended with Group 8, pictured here, victorious! This class raised $325.93 to help alleviate hunger at home and around the world. In addition, Group 9 raised $323.90 and Group 10 raised $265.70. In total, all three classes raised $915.53! Dave Nealon, Group 8, won the final challenge “guesstimating” the final total for all three classes at $950.00! Job well done, Frosh!

Operation Rice Bowl Challenge!

Shown from left: Freshmen Colin Ihlefeld, Tom Nolan and Ben Romeo.

Throughout the month of March Mr. Sacerdote’s three freshman theology classes have been engaged in the Operation Rice Bowl Challenge. Operation Rice Bowl is a Lenten project of Catholic Relief Services. Each day, each class has the opportunity to make donations to the Rice Bowl. Seventy five per cent of all monies collected fund hunger projects around the world and twenty-five per cent remains for hunger relief within the United States. Which class will win the challenge? Visit here on April 1 for the final tallies! For more information on CRS and Operation Rice Bowl, visit