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Young Alumni New Donor Challenge

Young Alumni New Donor Challenge
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“20 from 20”

Prep Announces $100,000 Young Alumni New Donor Challenge


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When does 20 from 20 equal $100,000? No, this isn’t Mr. Rowe’s version of a trick algebra question, or a bonus question from a Ms. Bohan quiz. It’s what happens when 20 alumni from 20 recent graduating classes step up to help Prep earn a $100,000 gift!

For the second year in a row, Fairfield Prep has been approached by an anonymous benefactor who has offered Prep a most generous grant of $100,000. There is, however, one catch. In order to receive this gift, he has challenged Prep’s young alumni – those who graduated between 1988 and 2007 – to meet an Annual Fund class participation goal.

Having reviewed recent data on giving, it was discovered that Prep alumni in this class range have an average Annual Fund participation rate of 9%. All remaining classes have an average participation rate of 21%. Firmly believing that our young alumni are the future of Fairfield Prep, our benefactor has challenged each of the 20 classes in this group to produce 20 “new” Annual Fund donors. If this can be achieved, it will raise the young alumni participation rate up to 21%.

What is a “new” donor? A new donor is someone who has not made a gift to Prep in the last three years, or someone who has never made a gift at all. All alumni who make a gift to Prep’s Annual Fund before June 30, 2012 who meet this criteria will be considered new donors. If all the targeted classes can each produce 20 new donors, Prep will receive $100,000!

The direct impact of a gift of this size on today’s students cannot be understated. Nor can the importance of your participation in this challenge. With so much to gain from your help, will you be one of the 20?

Please make a gift today!