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Jowdy & Gaudett are Scholar Leaders

Jowdy & Gaudett are Scholar Leaders
Seniors honored at SCC banquet

Seniors Joshua Jowdy and Tom Gaudett honored as SCC Scholar Leaders

The Southern Connecticut Conference (SCC) holds an annual banquet in which it honors two students from each of its 23 member schools who have been chosen by the school as “Scholar Leaders.” The event was held at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven, Connecticut on March 22.

Seniors Joshua Jowdy and Tom Gaudett were selected by the Principal’s Awards Committee based on grades and extra-curricular involvement, especially focusing on leadership in the Prep school community. Pictured from left: Mr. Rick Hutchinson, College Advisor, Joshua Jowdy '10, Rev. John Hanwell, S.J., President, Dr. Robert Perrotta, Principal, Thomas Gaudett '10, and Mr. John Hanarahan, Dean of Guidance & College Advising.