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Notre Dame Vision continues to inspire Fairfield Prep students

Notre Dame Vision continues to inspire Fairfield Prep students
Conference strengthens relationship with God and deepens faith

Notre Dame Vision continues to inspire Fairfield Prep students


For the eighth straight summer Fairfield Prep sent a student and faculty contingent to South Bend, IN and participated in the Notre Dame Vision Conference for high school students. During the first summer Fairfield Prep participated (2008), five students participated with Mr. Gualtiere. This year we had 26 students and two faculty/staff members. This event is also part retreat as our students were able to explore their faith and prayer life, participate in small group discussion and reflection, listen to witness talks given by Notre Dame University students, and hear from guest speakers. Quoting from the Notre Dame Vision promotional material, “Notre Dame Vision is committed to helping young people recognize God's call in their lives and respond to that call with courage and faith.” There is an emphasis on allowing students to focus on their giftedness and how they can use their gifts to better the world around them. This is just one student’s perspective but does give us insight into the impact of this program:

ND Vision strengthens your relationship with God and deepens your faith. This was the second time I attended this retreat, and I gained even more out of it than I did the first time. ND Vision Plus allowed me to build upon what I already experienced while gaining new insight into myself. Although I knew what to expect, the results were even greater than anticipated. I was able to reflect more deeply about my life and relationship with God. I realized how I did change from last year to today. I am more aware of how God is guiding me through life and pray to Him more when I need assistance. The meetings and presentations made me understand my faith in a unique way. The experience of a deeper faith was truly remarkable. I feel closer to God after this retreat.

There is a hope that these students who participate in this program will get more involved with our Campus Ministry and Service programs. This experience has no meaning if our students do not incorporate the lessons learned into their daily lives. The Fairfield Prep community benefits on so many levels from this experience just in how our students and adults come back changed because of it.

A big thank you goes to Mr. Gualtiere, and Fr. Eagan, S.J., for leading the group this year. Sign-ups for next summer’s trip will begin in December 2015 so please be on the lookout for that information; space is limited. ND Vision is open to any student from any grade level. More information can be obtained from Mr. Gualtiere, Director of Campus Ministry.