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Prep monitoring Fairfield U flu cases

Prep monitoring Fairfield U flu cases
Probable swine flu cases at University

Prep administration is monitoring University flu cases

Fairfield University was informed this morning by the State of Connecticut Public Health Department that two Fairfield University students have been identified with "probable" swine flu. These cases are not life-threatening. In fact, the students have not been hospitalized and are recovering. Fairfield University remains fully open, and all operations and activities, including final examinations, will continue uninterrupted. Students identified with probable swine flu and those they have been in immediate contact with have been contacted by State officials, and Fairfield University will work closely with them.

Fairfield Prep has no reported cases of swine flu at this time and will continue with normal operation of school, school-related activities, sports and extracurricular events. Prep administration is in direct contact and cooperation with the University health officials and Town of Fairfield Health Department to monitor the situation.

To read the principal's statement issued yesterday, click here.