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The Bellarmine Review Literary Magazine published

The Bellarmine Review Literary Magazine published
Prose and poetry - Volume 73

The Bellarmine Review Literary Magazine published

Fairfield Prep's Literary Magazine The Bellarmine Review was recently published and is available online. As Volume 73, this compilation follows a longstanding Prep tradition of English writing excellence.


The Mission Statement reads:

We desire to publish poetry and prose that is clear, concise, and evokes the senses, taking the reader to the writer’s imagined place through strong writing and a good sense of rhythm. It is believed in Jesuit education that an academic endeavor may be an encounter with the divine, and we strive to live by the motto Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. That is to say that in the authenticity of our written thoughts, we may unknowningly stumble on truth. Our intent is to give our students’ words a place to land, serving as an accomplished venue to acknowledge their living truth.

Congratulations to the staff:

Layout Editor

Turner Donelan ‘15

Cover Design
Dan Tuzzoli ‘15

Steve Demakos ‘15
Mike Kokias ‘15

Assitant Editors
Kevin Gallagher ‘17
Jihad Rogers ‘16
Patrick Demakos ‘18
Paul Cashman ‘15

Technological Editor
Brendan Reed ‘15

Dan Tuzzoli ‘15
Jihad Rogers ‘16

Faculty Editors
Ms. Linda Kaye
Mr. Matthew Sather