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Consoli '16 wins CT BrainDance Award

Consoli '16 wins CT BrainDance Award

Justin Consoli '16 wins Connecticut BrainDance Award

Justin Consoli '16, biology student of Mrs. Jane O'Reilly, won third place in the 11th Annual BrainDance contest. The Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital sponsors the BrainDance academic and art competition designed to decrease the stigma of mental illness. This contest allows students to enter an art project, a research project, or a media project. Justin received third place in the media category. Congratulations Justin!

As a biology teacher and nurse, Mrs. O'Reilly wants to teach her students to be more empathetic towards others, especially with mental illness. The BrainDance Awards encourage students to gain knowledge about psychiatric diseases and develop a more tolerant and realistic perspective toward people with severe psychiatric problems. The competition also aims to promote students’ interest in careers in mental health care.