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Notre Dame Vision inspires students

Notre Dame Vision inspires students
Strengthens faith and bonds

Notre Dame Vision continues to inspire Fairfield Prep students


For the sixth straight summer Fairfield Prep sent a student and faculty contingent to South Bend, IN and participated in the Notre Dame Vision conference for high school students, June 17 through 21. This year we had 40 students and three faculty/staff members. This event is also part retreat as our students were able to explore their faith and prayer life, participate in small group discussions, listen to witness talks given by Notre Dame University students, and hear from guest speakers. Quoting from the Notre Dame Vision promotional material, “Notre Dame Vision is committed to helping young people recognize God's call in their lives and respond to that call with courage and faith.” There is an emphasis on allowing students to focus on their giftedness and how they can use their gifts to better the world around them. Ryan McMullin ’16 in offering some reflection on his experience says, “I felt that everything about this trip was fantastic. I learned so much about myself and strengthened my faith a great deal also. I feel that my faith is much stronger, although I have much more to learn. ND Vision has shown me the path to follow in terms of my faith.” Matthew Rusin ’15 echoed those sentiments by saying, “On a scale of 1-10 I would give my week an 11. I really became closer to God during my stay and learned much about myself in the process, something I had been looking to gain from ND Vision since I signed up for it.” It is expected that the students who participate in this program will get more involved with our Campus Ministry and Service programs. This experience continues to grow in popularity and we are very pleased we are able to offer this opportunity to our Fairfield Prep students.

A big thank you goes to Mr. Dennis, Mr. Gualtiere, and Dr. Miller for leading the group this year. Signups for next summer’s trip will begin in December 2013, so please be on the lookout for that information; space is limited. ND Vision is open to any student from any grade level. More information can be obtained from Mr. Gualtiere, Director of Campus Ministry.