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Flag Football battles on McAuliffe Hill!

Flag Football battles on McAuliffe Hill!

Flag Football Intramurals culminate in Championship!

For the second straight year, Fairfield Prep’s Intramural Flag Football League provided heated competition. Moderated and officiated by Mr. Corey Dennis, ten teams (divided up by four divisions, AFC North/South and NFC North/South) of 62 Prep players battled on “The Hill” for five weeks until a champion was crowned. In the League, the top two seeded teams earned a first round bye in the playoffs. All division winners earned a spot in the playoffs, in addition to two Wild Card teams. At the end of the season, an undefeated Sophomore-lead NFC Champion “The Black Mambas” competed against the AFC Champion “Team Four” in the Championship Game of the League. While The Black Mambas put together an undefeated season to that point, they were overcome by the organized and physical “Team Four.” For the second straight year, underclassmen have made it to The Championship Game only to fall short to senior teams. Congratulations to “Team Four” for winning the second Fairfield Prep Intramural Flag Football Championship!



The 2013 Intramural Flag Football Champion “Team Four” roster:

Dan Passarelli '13
John Marsalisi '13
Dan Cunn '13
Will Coupe '13
Ta’von Givens Hunter '14
Jim Kavulich '13
Tom Kavulich '14
Tony Sanfilippo '13