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Graduation Information for Seniors

Graduation Information for Seniors

Senior Graduation Information

Dear Parents of Prep Seniors,

As we approach the end of your son’s tenure as a student at Fairfield Prep, we look forward to the most significant and cherished event in his Prep experience, Graduation Day. This year Graduation will take place in Alumni Hall on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 10:00 AM. This event marks the culmination of your son’s life as a student at Prep and it highlights the support and sacrifices put forth by his family as he persevered to achieve his ultimate goal of earning his diploma from Fairfield Prep. It is a special event at a very special place.

Because this day is so special in the life of a Fairfield Prep Senior and his family, we must insist that a protocol be followed by all graduating seniors and those in attendance. We expect that the tradition and decorum that has been recognized as part of the Fairfield Prep standard through the years continues to be respected. The traditional code of dress expected of all Prep graduating seniors will be maintained and strictly enforced.

All Prep Seniors will adhere to the following standards of dress code:

  • Hair will be of acceptable length, not beyond one’s collar. There will be no braids, ponytails or outlandish hairstyles or colors.
  • Each graduate will be in his tuxedo. That package will include white dinner jacket, black formal pants, red bowtie, red cummerbund, white shirt and black dress shoes. There will be no deviation from this package.
  • All graduates will be clean shaven and earrings will not be permitted.

All seniors are reminded that they must pick- up their tuxedo packages at the Men’s Wearhouse, 950 Post Road East in Westport, Connecticut. The pickup date has been changed at the request of the vendor due to a heavy schedule. Prep seniors should pick-up their tuxedos on Wednesday, May 29th. The Tuxedo package must be returned on Monday, June 3th at Men’s Wearhouse. There will be a late fee of $20.00 applied for each day late.

Anyone who does not follow the dress code will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony. There will be no exceptions. The significance of this event and traditions and standards of our school are highly valued, thus, we expect our graduates to present themselves in a manner consistent with our policies and expectations.

Also in order to maintain proper decorum and dignity that this special event deserves, we ask that all horns, noisemakers, etc. be left at home and not brought to this event. Public Safety and Police officers will assist in keeping the proper integrity of the event and remove those who may ignore this mandate. We thank you for your attention and cooperation with this issue.

I would like to remind you that on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 we will have a full Graduation Rehearsal in Alumni Hall at 8:30 AM. This will be followed by a Rehearsal of the Baccalaureate Awards. We request that all seniors attend these rehearsals and we expect everyone to be punctual. We appreciate your support and cooperation for this event.

I congratulate you and your son on his success and achievement. I thank you for the support that you have put forth during your son’s tenure at Prep. I ask you for that same support on this cherished and blessed day. I hope that you will all enjoy this special event and its significance to the fullest extent in the tradition and spirit of Fairfield College Preparatory School.


Richard J. Magdon
Housemaster/Director of Facilities