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Clubs & Activities

Fairfield Prep encourages its students to participate in the various extracurricular activities offered. Extracurricular activities enable a student to discover new talents and make new friends.

Read/download the Clubs & Activities brochure.

Throughout the school year, new extracurriculars are developed and introduced to the student body by students and faculty. Inquiries concerning extracurricular activities should be addressed to Mr. Corey Milazzo.

If you are interested in starting a new club please complete a New Club Proposal and submit it to Mr. Milazzo in B102. New club proposals are accepted during the first weeks of January and May.

Starting a New Club

Throughout the school year, new extracurriculars are developed and introduced to the student body by students and faculty. Inquiries concerning extracurricular activities should be addressed to the Mr. Corey Milazzo.

If you are interested in starting a new club please complete a New Club Proposal and submit it to Mr. Milazzo in the Student Life Center.

Note About 2020-21 Academic Year

Clubs that chooses to meet in-person should have attendance taken at each meeting along with assigned seating for each club member. In the event that this information is needed for contact tracing purposes, club moderators should be prepared to provide attendance and seating arraignments in written format.

Club List

Name of Moderator: Ms. Jayne Penn Student Leaders: Farrell Nivrose
Meeting Place: B207
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesdays

AACC is one of three clubs that help to promote diversity in the schools by addressing issues pertinent to each culture. Although the title of each organization is ethnic specific, the clubs are designed to foster integration of students of all backgrounds, regardless of color, into the SEED Program.

Name of Moderator: Mrs. Rinat Levy Cohen 
Student Leaders: Nate Moore and Luke Van Dussen
Meeting place: McLeod Innovation Center
Typical weekday of meetings: Every other Thursday, after school

This club will primarily be held in the McLeod Innovation Center and will consist of in-club competitions. Competitions will include topics such as structural support projects to see whose structure can remain structural sound the longest. Secondly, we will have real architects that will speak to students about being an architect in the real world so that club members can learn and ask questions!

Name of Moderator: Mr. Bob Fosse-Previs
Student Leaders: Dermott Robinson
Meeting place: B302
Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays from 2:30PM-3:20PM
The goal of the Art Club at Prep is to create a relaxing space where students can express their creativity after school. Students will be able to experiment with different types of media that they might not have access to at home. The Art Club can be a place where other students in the school can go for help creating any visual aid for their clubs or events. All are welcome!

Name of Moderator: Ms. Massiel Rosales Montenegro & Mrs. Melissa Goodwin

Student Leaders: Bryan Marin

Meeting Place: Academic Center

Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays, after school

ASPIRA is one of three clubs that help to promote diversity in the schools by addressing issues pertinent to each culture. Although the title of each organization is ethnic specific, the clubs are designed to foster integration of students of all backgrounds, regardless of color, into the SEED Program.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Sean Whalen and Ms. Calla Tiberi

Student Leaders: Liam Hickey and Andre Borges

Meeting place: Nutmeg Bowl (Fairfield)

Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesday and Thursday (December-March)

The Fairfield Prep Bowling Team meets every Tuesday for matches and Thursday for practice from December to March at Nutmeg Bowl in Fairfield. All students and all skill levels welcome!

Name of Moderator: Dr. Charles Miller

Student Leaders:

Meeting place: X202

Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays after school

The Fairfield Prep Business Club (FPBC) will allow students to explore their interests in the business world, which relates to but is not limited to: industry, global market, production & distribution, bargaining, and merchandising. As such, it will give members of the Prep community an insight into prospective futures for themselves in terms of higher education and/or other career paths.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Elliot Gualtiere
Student leaders: Tim Wong, Nicholas Gualtiere
Meeting Place: SLC Conference Room (old Help Desk space)
Typical weekday of meetings: Mondays after school.

Students are invited to join our Campus Ministry Student Team. This group meets weekly for fellowship and the sharing of faith. This student group is also key in planning and serving at our school liturgies as well our student retreats. All are welcome.

Name of Moderator: Mrs. Melissa Goodwin
Meeting Place: X204b
Typical weekday of meetings: Twice a year, other than service required
Cardinal Key is open to all students, but freshmen. Cardinal Key members serve as service ambassadors to the school and are called upon from the Director of Admissions, the Fairfield Prep President, and the Development Office.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Jamie Whiteman
Student leaders: Daniel Fung
Meeting Place: X308
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesdays after school.

Chess club is a club for all lovers of the simple game of chess. Anyone can join, especially from any skill level. We have both veterans of the game as well as beginners. Some of our leaders will even explain the game to anyone who has yet to learn it. In addition, if interest is there, we may host tournaments with a small prize, as well as chess puzzles to strengthen the chess brains.

Name of Moderator: Mrs. Lina Gallinellii

Student Leaders: Wen Chilong ’23 and Sheng Chengyi ‘23

Meeting Place: X103

Typical weekday of meetings: Monday after school

Do you think that learning Mandarin is too difficult? You may be wrong! Students, faculty, and staff are also invited to come learn how to play the traditional Chinese and American versions of Mah Jong – a popular Chinese game, learn Mandarin, and enjoy Chinese films and other aspects of Chinese culture. Meetings take place each Monday at 2:40PM in B402. Students will learn correct pronunciation of Mandarin words, the meanings of different words, food, music, and more!

Name of Moderator: Mr. James Chesbro
Student Leaders:
Meeting Place: B203
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursdays after school

This club is for students who are interested in creative writing. We will practice writing skills, evaluate student work and organize the Bellarmine Review, the Literary Magazine of Fairfield Prep.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Griffin Reidy
Student Leaders: 
Meeting Place: B402
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursday after school

The Debate Club is a group of students who gather once per week to debate various topics ranging from important political issues, such as whether the United States should deploy troops to Syria, to more lighthearted topics, such as whether baseball is still “America’s Pastime.” Students also enter to compete in periodic interscholastic debate tournaments. All new members are welcome.
Name of Moderators: Mr. Anthony Dotolo and Mrs. Maura O’Connor
Student Leaders: Matt Marsden and Brennan Newcomb
Meeting Place: X302
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursday mornings at 8:00AM
The Environmental club is dedicated to creating solutions for sustainability problems present in our everyday lives. Club initiatives are student driven, and are designed to foster stewardship of our common home. Members engage in strategic planning, outreach, and project implementation, with the ultimate goal of supporting the Church’s social teachings on the interconnectedness of all things.
Name of Moderator: Mr. Sean MacKenzie
Student Leaders: Matt Marsden
Meeting Place: Fairfield YMCA
Typical Weekdays of meetings: Fridays once a month
The Fairfield Connection Club allows social opportunities to people with Special Needs. The club events are held one Friday a month at the Fairfield YMCA. The events consist of social interactions between the Fairfield Prep students and the SEPTA members. Activities at the events include playing basketball in the gym and playing board games. The events run from 7-8:30 pm, service hours are awarded to consistent attendees.
Name of Moderator: Mr. Robert Fosse-Previs
Student Leaders: 
Meeting Place: B302
Typical weekday of meetings: Mondays, after school
The Film and Media Club consists of three departments: film, media, and news. You can be involved in any or all of these departments depending on your interests.
Film: Focuses on creating films that don't necessarily have to be about Prep. If you have an idea for a film, you can approach Mr. Fosse-Previs for approval. Once your idea is approved you can gather a team of people from the club to write, shoot, edit and direct the video.
Media: The media portion of the club will broadcast Prep sports and events. Live broadcasts will require producers, live editing, camera men, reporters and broadcasters. We hope to do multiple broadcasts throughout the school year.
News: Short, weekly news segments. This requires a news anchor, editor, and camera man. The news will include news about Prep and/or real world news.

Name of Moderator: Ms. Kathleen Jackson
Student Leaders: Axel Tabaschek and Daniel DeRosa
Meeting Place: B103
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursdays, after school

Our goal is to teach fishing to students at Fairfield Prep. At our meetings, we go over the fundamental details that help students catch the fish they’re after! This club does not currently offer, host, or promote fishing trips.

Name of Moderator: Dr. Michelle Smith and Mr. Ruben Goodwin
Student Leaders: Conor Lillis
Meeting Place: B105
Typical weekday of meetings: TBD
Full Court Peace strives to unite, strengthen and educate local communities through basketball. We sponsor local teams and fund them with jerseys, basketballs and all the accessories. We also do court renovations to provide communities with a court to play on, and a safe place to have fun.
Name of Coach: Mr. Griffin Reidy
Student Leaders: Robert Caruso and John Reidy
Meeting Place: B402
Typical weekday of meetings: TBD
Fairfield Prep’s Gaelic Football Club is a club sport that competes in Gaelic Football, Ireland’s biggest traditional sport. The Club meets periodically throughout the year in X103, and then it meets twice per week in Spring for practice at outdoor locations on campus. The highlight of the Club’s season is the high-school state-championship tournament played annually in June at the Fairfield County Irish Festival. The Club has experienced great success, capturing three state titles over the past four years. All new members are welcome; no prior experience is required.
Name of Moderator: Mr. Peter Francini
Student Leader: Billy Bonnist and Aidan Berry
Meeting Place: B104
Typical weekday of meetings: TBD

September 18th (8:00AM-4:00PM)
October 16th
November 13th

The mission of the Habitat for Humanity Club is to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Habitat’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Habitat governs on these basic principles: 1.) Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ; 2.) Focus on shelter; 3.) Advocate for affordable housing; 4.) Promote dignity and hope; 5.) Support sustainable and transformative development. All volunteers must be 16-years of age by the build date.
Name of Moderator: Mr. Corey Milazzo
Student Leaders: 
Meeting Place: Brissette Gym, The Hill, The Quad
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesday-Thursday
The Intramural Program runs throughout the year and is divided by three seasons: Fall: Wiffle Ball and Volleyball Winter: Basketball (before Christmas Break) and Ultimate Frisbee (after Christmas Break) Spring: Flag Football

All students who are not in-season for a varsity sport may participate in the Intramural Program. E-mails and announcements will be made by Mr. Milazzo to open up registration before the start of each season. Students are invited to form a team with friends and compete for a Championship T-Shirt in each sport!

Name of Moderator: Mr. Griffin Reidy
Student Leaders: Tiernan Curley, Greg Flynn, Robert Caruso
Meeting Place: B402
Typical weekday of meetings: TBD
The Irish Cultural Club typically meets twice per month to discuss topics related to Irish history, current events and sports. The Club also helps to sponsor an Irish traditional music benefit in aid of the Irish charity Trócaire, and its members represent Fairfield Prep by marching in Bridgeport’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. All new members are welcome.
Name of Moderator: Mr. Corey Milazzo and Dr. Michelle Smith
Student Leaders: Joe Altieri, Chris Capalbo
Meeting Place: B102
Typical weekday of meetings: Mondays at 2:35PM
Benvenuto! The Italian Cultural Club meets once a week to learn about Italian and Italian-American culture through film, food, and phrases. Members will learn geography, watch Italian and Italian-American films, take cooking classes and practice casual conversation in the Italian language. During the year, the club takes a trip to Boston to explore their Italian sector and New York’s famous Arthur Avenue for La Festa di San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph’s Day).
Name of Moderator: Mr. Dan Horstmann
Student Leaders: Nominated Students
Meeting Place: B304
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm
Jazzuits produce multiple concerts each year; 2 at the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts in addition to competitions at local jazz festivals and other school events. We focus year‐round on performing varieties of genres but the majority of music is from the jazz genre. Since this is a year‐long commitment, auditions are held at the beginning of the current year. Musicians involved in the group audition on one of the following instruments: Saxophone (Bari, Alto, or Tenor), Trumpet, Trombone, guitar, piano, drumset, bass guitar/upright bass. Expectations for instrumentalists are that they are able to read music, and are open to learning jazz music theory as well as improvisational skills.
Moderator: Mrs. Kelly Glazer
Student Leader: Jason Diao
Meeting Place: X303
Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesday
The Fairfield Prep Math Team competes against twenty-three other schools in Fairfield County. Competitions are on the first Wednesday of the month and they start in October and end in March. At the end of the 6th competition, the top half qualify for the State competition and Regional tournaments. Each competition consists of 6 rounds with topics varying from Algebra to Calculus, along with a team round. All strong math participants are welcome to join!
Name of Moderator: Mr. Brian Chap
Student Leaders: Eric J. Hoerdemann
Meeting Place: X306
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursdays after school (every other week)
Mental Health issues amongst adolescents are continuing to become more known. The Mental Health Awareness Club seeks to combat the stigma associated with issues like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, OCD, and more. The club will meet once every two weeks to discuss mental health topics and participate in activities which promote wellness.

Name of Moderators: Mr. Paul Denby
Student Leader: Ryan Riccio and Robbie James
Meeting Place: B303
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesdays, after school

Model United Nations is an academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and issues, and the United Nations by confronting international crises and challenges as they would on the real world stage. M.U.N. involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. The club meets every Tuesday to engage in simulations of the U.N. and other international bodies and to prepare for various Model U.N. competitions, such as those held at the University of Connecticut, Yale University, and Boston College.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Dan Horstmann
Meeting Place: B304
Typical weekday of meetings: Monday Rehearsals (before a schedule Mass) 6:00-7:30pm
Welcome to all musicians (no audition needed) including, but not limited to: singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and all other instrumentalists! Faculty, administrators, and students alike prepare music for the school‐wide masses and other liturgies. It is encouraged as a year‐long commitment; however, you can come and go as you are able. Rehearsal schedules are determined by the occurrences of school masses.
Name of Moderator: Ms. Kathleen Jackson and Mr. Kevin Kery
Student Leaders: Luis Brea, Joe Altieri and Hugh Hutchinson
Meeting Place: B103
Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays at 2:40 pm
The Philosophy Club discusses social justice issues among many other topics pertaining to how we, as human beings, understand the world around us. Students have the opportunity to participate in an annual Ethics Bowl hosted in alternating years by Yale and UCONN. Teams compete to earn points based on sound arguments. Moral issues are debated through a series of rounds until a there is a winner. The Philosophy Club prepares for this event throughout the fall with the Ethics Bowl taking place in January.
Name of Moderator: Mr. Caleb Jackson
Student Leaders: Junwen Diao
Meeting Place: X402 and X304
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursdays after school
The Physics Club invites all students interested in Physics to have a place for discussion, create projects, and share their knowledge and love of physics with others. Club members will brainstorm new topics or physics problems each week, offering up a new challenge each meeting! In addition to weekly meetings, the Physics Club hopes to compete in the Yale Physics Olympics!
Name of Moderator: Mr. Rudolph J. Mauritz IV
Student Leaders: Luis Brea
Meeting Place: B401
Typical weekday of meetings: Thursdays, after school
The Political Awareness Society is dedicated to furthering an interest in politics, government, and current events on local, state, national and international levels through discussion, debate and various other activities. Over the years the society has hosted many guest speakers from the world of politics. It has also organized debates involving representatives from various political parties and it has conducted mock elections involving the entire student body. The society also produces Prep’s only political newspaper, Zeitgeist, which is a forum for students to share in an op-ed format their views on various political issues and happenings.
REIGNS (Respect Education and Inclusion of Gay and Non-binary Students)
Name of Moderator: Mrs. Megan Hoover and Mr. Kevin Kery
Student Leaders: Evan Jang
Meeting Place: B301
Typical weekday of meetings: Fridays after school

REIGNS is a place for all students to openly LGBT issues and promote diversity, inclusiveness, and education. The club seeks to raise awareness to protect and respect all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. Meetings focus on exploring LGBT history, literature, or current events for discussion and reflection.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Anthony Dotolo
Student Leaders:
Dominic Abbazia, Michael Giroux, Colin O’Brien, Sebastian Rodriguez
Meeting Place: X03
Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays after school

Members work to design, build, and program a robot to compete in competitions which usually take place in late February and early March as part of the First Tech Challenge (FTC). Each year in September, FTC releases a video which describes the various tasks which the robot must perform in order to earn points in the competition. Past tasks have included pushing bowling balls, hanging rings, balancing blocks, and scaling walls.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Mike Barston
Student Leader: Oliver Mascera
Meeting Place: McLeod Innovation Center
Typical weekday of meetings: The second Thursday of every month

Share Hope Kids is a high school community club focused on bringing awareness and partnership to underserved communities both nearby in Bridgeport and far away in Haiti. The goal is to educate students on the differences in privilege, the similarities between kids, and help to close the gap through connection, friendship, and charity.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Sean MacKenzie
Student Leaders: Karsten Kiminski ‘22 and Matthew Mazza ‘23
Meeting Place: TBD
Typical weekday of meetings: As needed

The Ski and Snowboard Club has transitioned to our annual “Ski and Snowboard Trip.” In March of 2022, the FP Ski and Snowboard Club will be venturing to northern Vermont to ski at Jay Peak, which averages 355 inches of snow each season. In addition to having the most natural snow east of the Mississippi, Jay Peak is also home to the “Pump House,” one of the largest indoor waterparks in all of New England. Skiing/riding, lodging, food (4 meals), and the water park are all included in the total cost.

Where: Jay Peak Ski Resort, North Troy, VT

When: March 4th-6th Weekend

What: Eat, Sleep, Ski, Water Park…

Cost: TBD

Food: Meals included in the price are two dinners and two breakfasts. Lunch Saturday and Sunday can be purchased at the mountain. Dinner will be purchased on the way home from Jay Peak Sunday evening.

Lodging: Our students will stay at the Hotel Jay Resort and Conference Center

Names of Moderators: Mr. Sean Whalen
Student Leaders: Matt Hansen
Meeting Place: X206
Typical weekday of meetings: Mondays

Students meet every Monday after school discussing current events in the Hispanic community on both a domestic and international level. Students also dedicate one Monday a month volunteering at Caroline House in Bridgeport with their after school program practicing Spanish and helping out where needed. Throughout the year, the Spanish Honor Society also holds a collection drive every quarter to help those in need. Students wishing to join this academic/service society need to have completed the first semester of the Intermediate Level in Spanish and have maintained a 3.6 overall GPA and in their Spanish classes.

Moderator: Mr. Rick Hutchinson
Student Leaders: Liam Lafond and Ryan O’Meara
Meeting Place: McAuliffe Hill
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesdays at 2:45PM

Spikeball Club meets once a week to play Spikeball. We host weekly matchups and tournaments as well as casual games. Any skill level is welcome! We also plan to host larger, multi-week tournaments within the club, as well as school-wide tournaments open to the general Prep population.

Name of Moderator: Mr. Jozef Tremblay
Student Leaders: 
Meeting Place: X209
Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays after school

The Fairfield Prep Stock Market Club will allow students to develop a fundamental understanding of the Stock Market. Members will have the opportunity to simulate real life stock trading through online simulations. These simulations have the potential to offer real scholarships to students with the highest dividends earned. The Stock Market Club will meet once a week until March and host guest speakers with years of industry experience (some who have appeared on CNBC). Join the Stock Market Club to go on cool trips and learn about what makes the financial world go around!

Meeting Place: X207
Typical weekday of meetings: Friday after school

Student Government guides and coordinates student activities and assists in the proper functioning of the various class governments. The Student Government is the student body’s voice. The purpose of this organization is to foster unity among the student body, provide for student input, advocate concerns, and plan various events for students. Elections are held in the fall for the freshmen class and in the spring for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Name of Moderators: Mrs. Katherine Brennan and Ms. Maureen Bohan
Student Leader: Arav D'Souza
Meeting Place: X307
Typical weekday of meetings: Tuesdays after school

Trig Star is an annual high school mathematics competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors based on the practical application of Trigonometry. The program recognizes the best students from high schools throughout the nation. The program acquaints students with the use and practical application of trigonometry in the surveying profession. On a few occasions, a surveying professional from Redniss and Mead (a land surveying and civil engineering firm) will come to Prep, meet with our group bringing equipment and tools to teach us how to use them. In addition, our team will work together to prepare for the Trig Star exams by practicing with trigonometry and its test applications.

Name of Moderator: Mrs. Lina Gallinellii
Student Leaders: Jason Wu, Oliver Li, Trevor Li
Meeting Place: Prep Weight
Room Typical weekday of meetings: Wednesdays at 3:00PM

Attention all weightlifters! Any Prep students who are interested or experienced in weight lifting are invited to join the Weight Lifting Club. This club is for casual weight lifters and those who strive to compete in competitions. Join us as we’ll spot you while you work to achieve your weight lifting goals!

Name of Moderator: Dr. Michelle Smith
Student Leader: Jimmy Gil
Meeting Place: Student Lift Center
Typical weekday of meetings: Every other Monday night (6:00PM-7:30PM) with set up and clean up beginning and ending 30min before/after.

The goal of Woofgang Game Club is to bring together Prep and communities in need. Our club seeks to form personal connections and relationships with young adults with special needs, while helping them improve social and communication skills.

Name of Moderator: Mrs. Lynne Chesbro
Student Leaders: Nic Vittoria
Meeting Place: B202
Typical weekday of meetings: TBD

This club is open to all students who want to work on the production of our 208 page Hearthstone yearbook. Staff members take pictures at various events/activities, write copy and captions for each section of the book, design layouts, etc. The yearbook staff meets once a week (choice of editors) all year long to work on the yearbook as a group. Staff members are also be expected to work on their assignments from home throughout the year in order to meet our deadlines.