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All Souls Remembrance Form

The Church for centuries has set aside the month of November for remembrance by the faithful of the Holy Souls. This practice is universal because it taps into a deep sentiment found in all peoples: remembrance of deceased loved ones and the expectation of reunion with them. Thus, it has been a long-standing Prep tradition that during the month of November these intentions are remembered in our daily school Mass.

In each Mass celebrated in St. Joseph's Chapel by members of the Prep Jesuit Community during the month of November, our deceased alumni, faculty, benefactors, friends and relatives will be especially remembered. This remembrance is our way of affirming our continued relationship with those who have died. Please submit the names of your prayer intentions in this form.

All Souls Remembrance Form


First Name
Last Name
What is your relationship to Fairfield Prep?
If you are a current student or parent would you like more information regarding our grief support services offered by our Guidance and Campus Ministry departments?​​​ If yes, please make sure to include your e-mail.​
Email Address
Please submit the names of your departed loved ones. Their names will be included in our book of intentions for the month of November.

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