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English Summer Assignments 2019

For students entering English 1 (EN00512/513/514) in Fall 2019.

Assigned Summer Reading is Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Evslin, ISBN 978-0553259209.

For students entering English 2 (EN00522) in Fall 2019.

         - Summer Assign. is to read the attached Play: According to Coyote, by John Kauffman

For students entering English 2 HON (EN00521) in Fall 2019.

          - Summer Assign. is to read Fences by Wilson, ISBN 978-0452264014
          - Summer Assign.(1) for Fences
          - Summer Assign.(2) for Fences 
          - Summer Grammar Assignment

For students entering English III AP (EN00530) in Fall 2019.

For students entering American Lit. (EN00532) in Fall 2019.

        - Indian Radio Days by Howe and Gordon
        - Amer. Lit. Assignment for the Reading above

For students entering AP English IV (EN00541) in Fall 2019.

       - Summer Assignment
       - Summer Reading 

For students entering The Literature of Industry (EN00543) in Fall 2019.

      - Summer Reading Article 1
      - Summer Reading Article 2
      - Summer Pre-Reading Document (In Dubious Battle)
      - Summer Reading (Essay)
      - Summer Reading (Epigraph in IDB)

For students entering American Drama and Film (EN00556) in Fall 2019.