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Senior Service

The Thirty-Second General Congregation of the Society of Jesus provided the immediate impetus for the development of Jesuit service programs. But in a larger sense, Fairfield Prep's service program is grounded in the tradition of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. This long tradition culminated in the Second Vatican Council's emphasis on the importance of Church presence and Christian action in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres. "The expectation of a new earth must not weaken but rather stimulate our concern for cultivating this one" (Gaudium et Spes, #39). The Catholic Bishops of the world further specified this teaching in Justice in the World:

"Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel, or, in other words, of the Church's mission for the redemption of the human race and its liberation from every oppressive situation."

In short, working for justice is neither optional nor the responsibility of only a few, but is the vocation of all Christians.

To respond to this dimension of the Christian message, Fairfield Prep's Senior Service program combines service work with the academic study of moral issues. The academic component intends to introduce students to a number of contemporary ethical problems. By examining contemporary social issues, the program strives to awaken a critical sense in its students. Class discussions and readings should lead to reflection on contemporary American society and its values, and to assessment of the social structures and economic systems which shape human lives. This academic component is intended as the background for the direct experience of service, and for reflection on that service as one means of responsible social action.

For access to the Fairfield Prep Service Program Handbook and further details on the Senior Service Program in particular click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This year, seniors will be tracking their service via a mobile application called MobileServe. Hours are to be submitted in real time and will only be accepted through the app. If you have any questions about the app or experience difficulties with the app, contact Ms. Woodworth

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