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Junior Service

In order to successfully complete the junior service requirement students may:

• participate in an Urban Plunge in addition to contributing fifteen hours of service in agencies approved by the Director of Christian Service or

• participate in another immersion experience offered by Fairfield Prep (Appalachia, Jamaica, Ecuador) in addition to contributing ten hours of service in agencies approved by the Director of Christian Service or

• contribute thirty hours of service to agencies approved by the Director of Christian Service. It is encouraged, but NOT REQUIRED, that each student volunteer in at least two of these agencies (15 hours in one and 15 hours in another, for example). The goal here is to provide exposure to a number of agencies so that the student might select one that he would like to commit to for his senior project.

**Please note: Students who participate in more than one immersion experience will only receive service hours for one of them. Therefore, those students will still need to complete at least 10 hours at an approved agency.

**Hours awarded for immersion/Urban Plunge experiences are contingent upon the timely submission of a reflection paper about the experience as well as a students behavior and engagement while on the immersion/Urban Plunge. Students who participated in a summer immersion experience outside of Prep may also receive hours for their service if they submit a reflection paper. Please contact Ms. Woodworth for the paper requirements.

Important: If a student wishes to complete their service at an agency not on our "Approved Agency List" they must complete the "New Agency Request Form" and have it approved by Ms. Woodworth, the Director of Christian Service, in the Student Life Center.

The rationale for the choice of approved agencies only is twofold. First, while the Church teaches that all service to others is valuable, it asks of its members a preferential option for the poor; the poor most specially referring to those who experience economic insecurity due to unemployment or under-employment. The option for the poor may be traced back to the very roots of the Judaeo-Christian tradition in its concern for the "anawim". It continues through the public ministry of Jesus as reflected in his concern for the marginalized of his day. It has been a central theme in papal writings since the time of Leo XIII when the challenges of the industrial age prompted the genesis of Catholic social teaching. Second, proceeding from the belief that growth comes through challenges in life, the agencies selected require students to step outside of their "comfort zones" into relationship with those whose life circumstances may be very different from their own and whom they might not otherwise meet.

The Procedure

1. All junior proposals must be submitted by September 13th, 2019 . No proposals will be accepted after this date unless otherwise noted by your Theology teacher.

 2. At least 15 hours of service must be completed by the end of the first semester (January 17th, 2020). Failure to meet this requirement will result in the student's theology grade for the first semester being lowered by one-third a letter grade.

3.The remaining 15 hours must be completed during the second semester no later than May 29th, 2020. Failure to meet this requirement will result in an "F" in Theology for the school year, which means that student will not be allowed to begin his senior year until all 30 hours are completed. When the student completes his 30 hours, his grade with a 1/3 reduction will be restored.

Thank you for your support as we at Prep attempt to carry forth our mission of forming "Men for Others".

Junior Service Parent Signature Form

Junior Service Proposal

Junior Service Evaluation

Approved Agency List

New Agency Request Form