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Freshmen Service

As freshmen you will begin your journey as Men for Others in March as you particpate in your first official Prep service project, Freshman Field Day (March 14, 2019). This one day event is designed to expose you to those with life circumstances somewhat different from your own. You will be paired with an elementary school student from Cathedral Academy in Bridgeport. You will exchange letters describing yourselves with your new buddy first and then meet here at Prep. The day is held in Fairfield University's Alumni Hall and Rec Plex Fieldhouse and all of the students will participate in parachute games, obstacle courses, football tosses and many more fun activities. Although you are not required to complete any additional service hours, we certainly recommend that you become involved in your community or church throughout the year.

Please note:  Freshman Field Day is a requirement of all freshmen at Fairfield Prep. If you have an excused absence on this day you must complete 5 hours of Christian service in your community or church by May 31, 2019. Failure to do so will result in your Theology grade for the year being an "F" until the hours are completed. At the time of completion, your grade will be changed to what you would have earned, but lowered by one-third of a letter (B to B- for example). Any student who does not complete his hours by the end of the summer will not be able to return to Fairfield Prep in August.