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Student Acceptable Use Policy

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Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Fairfield College Preparatory School (Fairfield Prep) is committed to ensuring respect for the human dignity of all of its members. Fairfield Prep makes technology resources available to its students and expects these resources to be used in a manner consistent with the school's educational goals and high moral standards underscored by our Catholic Jesuit tradition and in keeping with our Safe School Climate Plan. The privilege of using Fairfield Prep's network resources is extended to specific individuals and is not transferable. Any student involved in activity that is in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy and / or deemed detrimental to the reputation of the Fairfield Prep may be subject to disciplinary action including the suspension of the student account, loss of network access, as well as collateral consequences such as loss of a student leadership position, suspension from interscholastic sports and / or other school-related activities, and/or suspension or expulsion from Fairfield Prep.

If a student has a question as to the appropriateness of an action, it is his responsibility to ask a teacher, administrator or staff member before proceeding. Appropriate uses of technology are:

  • Teacher-directed activities required for classes
  • Independent study and research, including college searches

iPad/Smartphone/Smart Watches Acceptable Use 

Students are allowed to carry mobile phones on the Fairfield Prep campus provided that they are in "silent" mode throughout the school day. At his / her discretion, a teacher may require students to place their mobile phones and / or smart watches in a designated location for the duration of the class. Any use of a mobile phone during the school day is limited to the Student Life Center, gym, or outside areas, or with the expressed permission of a teacher or administrator. During semester exams or any standardized testing (PSAT, AP, etc.), mobile phones and smart watches may not be brought into a testing site. 

The use of the iPad or other personal electronic equipment on the Fairfield Prep campus is a privilege and not a right, and at all times is at the teacher's discretion. It is the student's responsibility to use electronic devices appropriately, maintaining the standard of decorum expected of a Fairfield Prep student. Consequently, when asked by a faculty member or administrator, a student must submit his iPad or other electronic equipment with appropriate passcodes for access. Check with Fairfield U counsel on the legality of this. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action, as listed above. 

  • All students are required to have Fairfield Prep’s Mobile Device Manager (Jamf Pro / Casper) installed on their iPad prior to the installation of all other purchased apps. Failure to maintain the Mobile Device Manager (Jamf Pro / Casper) on the device will be grounds for disciplinary sanctions listed above. If any student needs to use a new or replacement iPad at any point, he must first have Jamf Pro / Casper installed on this iPad. Restoring the replacement iPad from a backup will not install Jamf Pro / Casper, and the student will be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • All students have access to the Fairfield Prep Wi-Fi while on campus. Use of the Fairfield Prep Wi-Fi is contingent on the student’s adherence to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy. The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or VPN app on the Fairfield Prep campus is strictly prohibited. Students found to have a VPN or VPN app on the iPad will be subject to disciplinary sanctions listed above and will have the privilege of Wi-Fi access removed from their account.
  • The use of an individual cellular data plan is prohibited while in class.
  • The iPad is required at school daily and must be fully charged. There are no charging stations at Fairfield Prep so charging at home is essential. Failure to bring the fully charged iPad to school is not an acceptable excuse for any assignments that are due.
  • Malfunctions or technical issues are not acceptable excuses for failing to complete an assignment.
  • Assistance with technology related issues is available from 8:15 AM to 3:45 PM at the Helpdesk in the Student Life Center. 
  • Students are expected to advocate for themselves in seeking assistance with technology related academic activities.
  • E-Mail: All students must send e-mails to adult members of the Fairfield Prep community using their Fairfield Prep e-mail address.
  • Passwords and Authorized Access: Each student must set a passcode to secure his iPad and prevent misuse by other students. Any student caught trying to access another student's device, accounts, files or data will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Camera: Students must exercise good judgment when using the camera feature of an iPad or mobile phone. Students are reminded that iPad use in school is for educational purposes, and therefore, any use of the camera should be for educational purposes only.
  • No student is allowed to use the camera feature of the iPad, mobile phone or other recording device to capture the image or audio of any student, teacher, administrator, staff member or visitor without the expressed permission of the person involved.
  • No student may use any other image or audio of any student, teacher, administrator, staff member or visitor for the purpose of posting on social media without the expressed permission of the person involved.
  • Students are prohibited from distributing photos or videos, including posting to social media, in the name of Fairfield Prep or any Fairfield Prep club, sport or activity, or using one of Fairfield Prep’s registered trademarks unless directed by a teacher or administrator.
  • The above-mentioned prohibitions do not apply to recordings made under the direction of school administration or a faculty member for marketing purposes, team competition, plays, drama, or similar school-related events.
  • Each student should synchronize his iPad to the iCloud or personal computer on a regular basis to safeguard files, documents and apps.
  • Items deleted from the iPad cannot be restored. Moving completed assignments to Google Drive and maintaining an organized system of storage folders is essential. In addition, when an app has an automatic backup feature, such as Notability to Google Drive, be sure that this feature is engaged.
  • Fairfield Prep is not responsible for any data loss. Students must make sure that their iPads and all files are backed up before bringing to a faculty or staff member.
  • Fairfield Prep students are provided access to an approved list of apps via the iPad. Approved apps will be pushed automatically to each student’s device through the Jamf Pro / Casper Device Manager. Apps not on the school’s approved list of apps will not be allowed to function. Apps pushed from Fairfield Prep’s Device Manager may not be deleted from the iPad.
  • All students must have their iPads properly White-listed to an academic mode while in their classes during the school day.
  • Students who wish to submit apps to be placed on Fairfield Prep’s White-listing system should submit the name of the app and the app logo to the Academic Dean.
  • Updates to iOS and apps must be downloaded in a timely fashion, as directed by the Prep Helpdesk staff. Students can update apps on campus, but must perform any update to iOS or an installation of a new iOS off campus.
  • Academic content takes precedence over personal/entertainment files. In the case of space limitations, personal files must be removed to allow the storage of additional academic content.
  • Non-academic content is for personal use only and should not be shared with others, in order to maintain copyright protection.
  • The volume on student iPads should be set to mute unless otherwise directed by a teacher.
  • It is each student's responsibility to keep his iPad safe and secure. Each student’s iPad and Apple Pencil should bear the student’s Prep Username.
  • Students must not tamper with another person's iPad in any way.
  • If an iPad or Apple Pencil is found unattended, it should be given to the nearest teacher or administrator, who will bring it to the reception desk at the main entrance to Arrupe Hall for safe-keeping. To claim a lost iPad or Apple Pencil, a Prep student will need to provide proof of ownership.
  • Use of Bluetooth speakers or earbuds / headphones anywhere within the academic buildings is prohibited unless directed by a teacher or administrator. Earbuds / headphones are allowed in the Student Life Center.

Digital Citizenship

Fairfield Prep students are expected to be good digital citizens and use technology appropriately. Students should be aware that our Safe School Climate Plan applies to interactions that they have with others in person as well as online. Any instances of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the administration of Fairfield Prep. In severe instances, Fairfield University Department of Public Safety and Fairfield or other local Police Departments will be contacted. These include instances that occur on campus as well as instances that occur off campus that could endanger a member of the Fairfield Prep community or the reputation of Fairfield Prep.

Computer and Network Acceptable Use 

It is each student's responsibility to use the on-campus computers and network for academic purposes. Inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Commercial activity - buying or selling
  • Copyright infringement
  • Harassment: posting or viewing images or messages deemed inappropriate at the absolute discretion of the Fairfield Prep Administration
  • Unlawful use
  • Improper Access to User accounts: it is a violation to use another student's user account or to share your user account with another student.
  • Network security: all users must make reasonable efforts to preserve the security and integrity of the Fairfield Prep network. Any effort to download files, access system areas that are not within the granted security or modify security settings/permissions will be considered a violation.
  • Privacy: no one may seek information or browse, copy or modify files, passwords or device belonging to another person (student or teacher).
  • Misuse: any activity that is not academic is considered misuse, including but not limited to all games, gambling sites, abusive, obscene or excessive email, the use of social media or monitoring of sports sites.
  • System changes: any change that might affect the performance of a computer, including the attempted download of programs, changes to desktop preferences, virus infection and/or physical damage is the responsibility of the last user. It is the student's responsibility to report any damage or modification to a computer before logging on. 

General Policies 

Any use, even if not mentioned specifically above, which is not academic in nature will be considered inappropriate, regardless of the device. If the student is unsure about the appropriateness of an electronic activity, he should ask a teacher or administrator. Classroom teachers will inform students of any specific technology policies in their own policies and procedures documents. 

Each student is legally and financially responsible for any action(s) originating from his user accounts as well as the maintenance and security of his accounts. Students should be aware that any data, files or activity related to Fairfield Prep remains subject to the school's control, and therefore can be examined, confiscated or deleted without the student's consent.

Any user found in violation of Fairfield Prep’s Acceptable Use Policy will be reported to the Academic Dean and Director of Student Discipline. Violations will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Student Handbook. Serious and egregious violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

In accordance with Fairfield Prep’s Safe School Climate Plan, any student who becomes aware of the use of technology for the purpose of harassment MUST report such use to a teacher, administrator or counselor.

Where applicable, the offending student will be referred to law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution and/or other legal action, including action to recover civil damages and/or penalties.