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It has become a tradition since the 1998 Hearthstone yearbook to offer senior parents a section to place a baby picture of your son with a personal message. This year we have 10 pages set aside for that purpose and will take submissions until our deadline on Fri., March 1, or until we fill the pages. If you wish to reserve a spot in the section, please use the form below to upload a picture of your son and include a short message.


Photo files sent should be larger than 300 KB in size and please make the photo file name your son's name. 

Please email the photo and no more than 20 words to Mrs. Lynne Chesbro.

Because of space limitations we will reserve spots on a first come basis until the 10 pages allotted are filled.

Example of a recent group of yearbook baby photos.


If you cannot email a digital photo you can mail or bring in a print photo along with the message you would like to include to the attention of Mrs. Lynne Chesbro. Photos will not be returned.