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Fairfield Prep Student Dress Code

This year, due to the pandemic, students will be wearing polo shirts on a daily basis when attending school in person and learning from home. The Dress Code includes:

  • A Prep branded polo shirt
  • The option of a solid red, black or white polo shirt
  • A traditional uniform dress shirt, with no tie, and rolled sleeves.

Masks on Campus

Masks must be Prep branded OR of a solid color. Prep will give each student two washable masks. Disposable masks are acceptable. Neck gaiters will not be allowed.

Original Dress Code Specifications

Dress Code Students are expected to dress in a manner that is neat, presentable and professional throughout the school day (including semester exams). The following dress code will be strictly enforced from 8:35 AM to 2:30 PM in all areas of the Prep campus, except the weight room and the gymnasium.

  • Students must wear neat and clean dress style trousers and a belt. Jeans, cargo pants, baggy, frayed or oversized pants are not permitted
  • Students must wear a collared dress shirt (either long or short sleeves) that is properly buttoned and tucked inside the pants at all times. Hawaiian-styled shirts and flannel shirts are not dress shirts.
  • Only Fairfield Prep apparel may be worn as a mid-layer during the school day. Prep vests, crew-neck sweatshirts, and quarter-zips are permitted. Hoodies and parkas may not be worn in the school building. Dress jackets are permitted.
  • A proper uniform shirt must be worn under the outerwear at all times.
  • Prep Pride sells outerwear that may not be acceptable to wear in school on a daily basis. Please check with the Dean of Students before making any purchases to determine if the apparel may be worn during the school day.
  • A tie or bowtie must be properly tied and exposed at the neck.
  • No caps or hats are to be worn inside the school building.
  • Students may not wear any outerwear within the school buildings (ex. jackets, coats, etc.) during school hours.
  • Students’ faces are to be shaved clean, daily if necessary. (Beards, mustaches, goatees are not permitted). Haircut must be neat and clean, and not a distraction. (Outlandish cuts, colored hair, etc. are not permitted).
  • Earrings and body piercing of any kind, are not permitted.
  • Shoes and socks are to be worn at all times. Students are required to wear low-heeled, low-cut, tied or closed dress shoes or casual dress shoes. Shoes should be constructed of leather and not canvas or any other material. Boots, sandals, slippers, or shoes without backs are not permitted without prior approval by the Nurse and/or the Dean of Students.
  • A blazer will be required during school-wide masses.

**One (1) Backpack or one (1) string packs is permitted to be carried throughout the school day. It must be of a size that can fit under a desk and must be stored during class in a designed spot as required by a teacher.

**Warm Weather: A Prep polo, a solid red or white polo shirt may take the place of a dress shirt when announced by the Dean of Students. All other aspects of the dress code remain in effect."

Any deviation from these standards due to medical reasons requires a dated slip from the school nurse. Any other deviation will subject a student to disciplinary action by any member of the faculty or administration. Our dress code requires students to dress neatly and professionally. Therefore, wrinkled clothing or a disheveled appearance will not be tolerated. The Dean of Students remains the final determinant of what is or is not acceptable personal appearance for a Fairfield Prep student.