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Urban Plunge

Three Urban Plunge retreats are available for the 2019-20 academic year for members of the junior class. There is an Urban Plunge retreat available in September, October, and March (Thursday afternoon through Saturday afternoon). Juniors who complete one of these retreats and a reflection/evaluation assignment after they return will receive 15 hours of Christian Service towards their 30 hour requirement.

On these retreats, students, accompanied by faculty chaperones, will spend a Thursday-Saturday living, serving and learning on the east side of Bridgeport. Activities include volunteering in local elementary schools, food distribution centers and other communal challenges and discussions around topics of food and housing access. 

Juniors can apply by submitting an application to Ms. Woodworth, Director of Christian Service. Please apply ASAP as spots fill up quickly as this trip is "first come, first serve"!

Download 2019-2020 sign-up form