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Christian Service & Immersion Trips

During a student's four years at Fairfield Prep he serves others in a variety of ways: as a freshman, during a field day with inner-city children; as a sophomore, in service to school, church or community. As a junior, by participating in an Urban Plunge , other immersion experiences or exploring agencies approved for senior service projects. The senior year service experience should continue and deepen these experiences as students make a year-long commitment to serve those less advantaged than them in some way.

Please contact Director of Christian Service Ashley Woodworth ext 2096 with any questions.

Christian Service Participant Applications

2019 Ecuador Immersion Application - DUE DECEMBER 17TH

Ecuador BooklET

Christian Service Leader Applications

2019 Ecuador Immersion Application - DUE DECEMBER 10TH


About Christian Service Program

The Thirty-Second General Congregation of the Society of Jesus emphasized the centrality of justice in Jesuit education: "The mission of the Society of Jesus today is the service of faith, of which the promotion of justice is an absolute requirement."

While the Thirty-Second General Congregation provided the immediate impetus for the development of service programs in Jesuit schools, such programs are more broadly grounded in the tradition of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. This long tradition culminated in the Second Vatican Council's emphasis on the importance of Church presence and Christian action in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres. The Catholic Bishops further specified this teaching when they wrote, “ Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world appear to us as a constitutive  dimension of the preaching of the Gospel” ( Justice in the World ). In short, working for justice is neither optional nor the responsibility of only a few, but is the vocation of all Christians.