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Freshman Retreat

The Class of 2023 Retreat will take place on Friday, October 9 from 8:30am-4pm.
*Details regarding this event will be shared with students and families in mid-September.

The Class of 2024 Retreat will take place on Friday, March 12 from 8:30am-4pm.



The 19th annual freshman retreat titled "La Compania" was held March 14 and 15, 2019. The freshman retreat focuses on brotherhood, the building of community and service (Field Day with the kids from Bridgeport). These are its major themes. St. Ignatius of Loyola called his community La Compañía de Jesús and in a very real sense they were companions.This year's goals were achieved exponentially as the Class of 2022 engaged fully in all of the retreat activities. We look forward to the retreat for the Class of 2023 on March 12 and 13, 2020. 

The retreat is a mandatory activity for all freshmen and it will also include the class service project (Freshman Field Day).

Freshman Retreat Rally Day for the Class of 2023 is October 16, 2019. This is the preview event for the retreat. This is also a mandatory activity for the freshman class.More information about Rally Day:

-          Wednesday, October 16 is Rally Day (required activity of all freshmen). Context: This event was created in 2006 to give the upperclassmen leaders the opportunity to meet their freshmen earlier in the year. This event will hopefully be the impetus to the small groups getting together periodically between now and the retreat. It is about building relationships.This is the preview event for the freshman retreat in March. It is a morning of opportunity: to meet the upperclassmen leaders, engage in group games, have some fun, and pray together as a class.

-          Time is 8am-12noon (freshmen should get here as soon as they are able to in the morning; we understand some have a hard time getting here by 8am); gather in SLC/cafeteria when they arrive; separated into small groups. Theology teachers will tell the students what small group they are in. It will also be posted on the morning of the event as well (small groups are done by theology section).

-          No classes that day; freshmen should come dressed ready to play (sneakers are a must).

-          Cafeteria will be open for breakfast; buses will run as scheduled in the morning; bus pickup at 12:30pm following Rally Day and the PSAT exam