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Compassionate Companions

Dear Prep Faculty, Staff and Administration,

We hope and pray that you are all well and continue to remain in good health and in strong spirits. In our recent Town Hall gathering for Prep parents, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Larry Vitulano spoke of the pandemic as being “persistent and uncontrollable.” Vince Benevento founder of Causeway Collaborative spoke of the “power of choice” in how we might respond to the situations that the pandemic is throwing at us all by choosing what we can vs. what we cannot control. Dr. Melissa Wunsch, Adult Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist spoke of the importance of self-care, urging all parents to “put their own oxygen mask on first.” And Marcy Haley, Assistant Director of the Murphy Center for Ignatian Spirituality call us to “profound trust in our God who does not abandon.”

Out of inspirations born that evening and discussions since, we would like to offer a place of connection and consolation for any and all in our Prep family who would wish it through an initiative we are calling Compassionate Companions. The idea is based on a program practiced in the military and among hospital personnel where mutual support is so very important. Suggested by Dr. Wunsch and shaped by Prep’s Mission and Ministry team, the Compassionate Companions program will connect you with a “companion” to keep in touch with, express your concerns with, look after – daily, occasionally, when needed – by phone, text, Zoom – someone to simply connect with. You may already have a relationship like this with a member of the Prep community and might wish to join our program, or you may wish to indicate that you would like to be paired with another willing member of our family, either with someone you request, or you may wish to have a willing person paired with you. 

We would like to make this program of mutual support available to you now and invite you to sign up by June 15 so that compassionate companionship can begin while we are still in session. Know however, that we are available to bring you into the program after that date, if you simply contacting one of us.

Wishing you peace,

John, Elliott, Melissa, and Donna