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Senior Slide Show


Your son’s senior year is here and we need your help recognizing this milestone as we continue the tradition of creating a slide show tribute to our seniors and their moms for use at several end-of-year events:  Spring Fashion Show, the Senior Mother/Son Communion Breakfast and the Senior Mom's Dinner.  A digital copy of the slide show will be available as a keepsake.

We would love to include EVERY senior in this slide show!  Please provide 2 unique digital (.jpeg) photographs of each student with his mother/caregiver:

    1. Baby/toddler photo with mother/caregiver
    2. Recent photo with mother/caregiver

Please label your .jpeg photo with your first name, the word "and" plus your son’s first name and last name plus the number 1 for the baby/toddler picture or number 2 for the recent photo as follows:  

    1. lynnandandrew1.jpg (baby/toddler photo)
    2.  lynnandandrew2.jpg (recent photo with mom)

     This is a separate request from the senior baby photo for the yearbook.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this year's slide show a memorable tribute to our boys and their mothers! 

Class of 2021, please send your digital photo file to ___________________ and feel free to contact Christyn Whitney at any time with questions, thoughts, comments, etc.