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Bellarmine Guild Bylaws

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bellarmine Guild is to sponsor activities for mothers/female guardians and their sons, to encourage parental involvement, and to become an integral part of the Prep community.

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws 2020


The name of the organization shall be the Bellarmine Guild (sometimes referred to herein as the “Guild” or “Board”) of Fairfield College Preparatory School (“Prep”).

·         To encourage mutual understanding between members of the faculty and mothers/female guardians of the students for the general welfare of the school and its students.

·         To sponsor and promote social activities among its members.

·         Upon request, to support the school’s events by coordinating parent-donated food, beverages, supplies or other reasonable requests.

·         It is not the purpose of the Guild to raise funds for either the Guild or Prep.


Any mother/female guardian involved in the care of a currently enrolled Prep student is automatically a member.

There are no dues required.  Voluntary contributions will be accepted.

·         The President of Fairfield College Preparatory School shall be the honorary president of the Guild and may send his representative to act as ex-officio member of all committees.  This representative shall be referred to as the President’s representative and will act as liaison between the Guild and school administration.

·         The officers of the Guild shall be the Co-Presidents, Co-Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Recording Secretaries (the “Executive Board”).

·         The officers shall serve a one-year term commencing at the June board meeting, except for the Treasurer, who shall serve for two consecutive years.

·         Co-Vice Presidents shall assume the roles of Co-Presidents commencing at the June board meeting (which may occur at the end of May depending on the school calendar). The new Board’s term begins at this meeting.


·         The affairs of the Guild shall be conducted by the Board, which includes the Executive Board and all committee chairpersons.

·         The Executive Board shall be voted upon by the entire Guild.

o    Executive Board will meet with the President of Prep’s designated representative as deemed necessary

·         Committee chairpersons shall be selected by the nominating committee and voted upon by the entire Guild to head the following standing committees:

§  Staff Appreciation Committee

§  Class Representatives

§  Hospitality Committee

§  Nominating/Volunteer Coordinators

§  Fall Social Committee

§  Spring Fashion Show Committee

§  Enrichment Committee

§  Communications Committee

§  Spirituality Committee

§  Sunshine Coordinator

§  Spring Auction Committee Liaison

§  Prep Pride Liaison

§  Photography Committee

§  “Prep 101” Coordinator (previously called Mentor Coordinator)

§  SEED Liaison (new in 2020-2021)

§  Service Project Committee

§  Slide Show Coordinator

·         The Executive Board reserves the right to replace a board member who is unable or unwilling to fulfill the responsibilities of their position as outlined in the bylaws.  The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for filling the new vacancy pursuant to these bylaws.  The Executive Board shall also have the right to add an additional chairperson to a particular committee, as needed, to properly fulfill the requirements of that committee. The addition of a chairperson in either instance shall not constitute an amendment to the bylaws at the time the addition, but shall be incorporated into the bylaws, as needed, during the next bylaw amendment process as outlined in Article XI.

·         Board members shall, throughout their term on the Board, act as ambassadors to incoming Prep families.  Responsibilities will include email communication and being available to answer questions or direction to the appropriate school administrator.

·         Vacancies - the Nominating Committee, in consultation with the current Board Co-Presidents, shall be responsible for filling any vacancies that arise during the school year, with one exception.  In the event a vacancy shall occur in the office of the Co-Presidents, a Co-Vice President shall succeed to the presidency for the balance of the term upon approval by the Guild.

·         Each committee which oversees a social event shall assign one committee member to act as an event photographer in coordination with and/or addition to the Photography Committee’s assigned photographer and share photos with Colleen Adams, Prep Director of Communications, for publication.


·         Each committee which has an event using vendors shall consider including a non-profit vendor as approved by the Prep Administration.

·         Each committee will prepare a report of its duties and procedures to be handed over to the current Co-Vice presidents within two weeks following each event for which they are responsible. 


·         Presidents (2) shall preside at all meetings of the Board and the Executive Board.  They shall be ex-officio members of all committees. The exception being the Nominating Committee for the following year’s term.  The Co-Presidents shall represent the Guild at all board functions and shall also act as liaisons to the President of Prep’s designated representative.  The Co-residents shall officiate the Welcome Back Coffee. They shall be responsible for providing and collecting all committee volunteer sign-up sheets at the Welcome Back Coffee. They are responsible for electronic/paper mailings to the entire school community in tandem with the communication chairs.  Along with the Prep representative, the Co-Presidents will be responsible for monitoring, approving and posting on the Fairfield Prep Bellarmine Guild Facebook Group page.

·         Vice Presidents (2) shall perform all duties and exercise all the powers of the Co-Presidents in case of their absence or disability.  They will be members of the Nominating Committee.  The Co-Vice Presidents will be responsible for an annual mother/son event.  The Co-Vice Presidents shall review the bylaws annually and present any changes/additions at the February board meeting for approval.  If no changes are necessary, this should be noted by the Co-Vice Presidents and included in the minutes of the February meeting.  Additionally, the Co-Vice Presidents shall be responsible for collecting the event reports from all committees.

·         Treasurer (1) shall act as a liaison between the Board, the President of Prep’s designated representative, Prep’s business office, and is responsible for monitoring/reviewing the accuracy of the receipt and transfer of funds from Guild events, petty cash disbursements, initiating purchase order requests and the monthly “account activity” report as prepared by the business office for all Guild accounts.  She shall receive notice of all credit card registrations for all events and work with the business office and committee chairs in regard to all financial matters related to Guild events/receipts and disbursements.

·         Recording Secretaries (up to 2) shall keep regular minutes of the proceedings of Board and Executive Board meetings.  Once approved, these records shall be available on the Guild web pages.  In the absence of the Recording Secretaries, the Co-Presidents shall appoint a temporary recording secretary for such meeting.


·         Staff Appreciation Committee (4) shall organize breakfast or lunch for faculty and staff on dates to be determined by the committee.

·         Class Representatives (2 per class) shall be assigned event(s) to chair. Mothers may only serve for one term per son, unless the Nominating Committee is unable to fill the position, in which case, a mother may serve additional terms. Additional responsibilities include assisting and supporting their class as requested by Prep, and supporting other events, which may vary from year to year, but typically shall include the following:

·         Freshman representative (2) will be available the day of the Orientation Day tours, to assist in coordination of the tours for new Prep parents, and will assist the Prep’s faculty and class advisors with any freshman events, including but not limited to school dances, as requested.

·         Sophomore representative (2) will assist the class advisors with any sophomore events as requested by Prep’s faculty and class advisors, including but not limited to school dances, and organize the Parent’s Holiday party.

·         Junior representative (2) will assist Prep faculty and Junior class advisors with the Junior Ring Dance, Senior class advisors with the Senior Prom, organize the Senior Mother/Son Communion Breakfast, and any such other Junior class events as requested by Prep’s faculty and class advisors.

·         Senior representative (2) will organize Orientation Day tours for new Prep parents with assistance from the Freshman representatives, the Senior Mom’s Spring Dinner, senior events as requested by Prep’s faculty and class advisors, including but not limited to school dances and. ill assist the Junior class advisors with the Junior Prom. 

·         Hospitality Committee (3) will be responsible for refreshments for the Welcome Back Coffee, Orientation Say tours, the Open House for prospective students, mothers’ Masses, Enrichment presentations, lunch for St. Ignatius School, Bronx  students and/or other nativity schools when they visit Fairfield Prep, and other events as requested.

·         Nominating/Volunteer Coordinators (2) will serve two-year staggered terms and:

§  The Nominating Committee shall consist of the nominating chairs and Co-Vice Presidents.  The Prep President’s representative also serves as an ex-officio member of the Nominating Committee.

§  Will create and manage a database of volunteers provided to them by the Co-Presidents from the Welcome Back Coffee and additional names collected from the Guild web pages throughout the year.  Volunteers signing up through the web pages shall be shared with the appropriate committee chairs.

§  A call for nominations for elected officers and committee chairs shall be made electronically by the Nominating Committee in February. The proposed slate of candidates will come from nominations submitted to the committee by the entire Guild electronically. The Nominating Committee shall present its proposed slate of candidates at the March board meeting.   Subsequently, this slate of candidates shall be presented to the entire Guild for consideration as officers of the Executive Board and committee chairpersons for the following year.  The entire Guild will be permitted to approve the slate electronically.

§  Nominating Committee shall also be responsible for filling any vacancies that arise during their term, with one exception.  In the event a vacancy shall occur in the office of the Co-Presidents, a Co-Vice President shall succeed to the presidency for the balance of the term upon approval by the Board.

·         Fall Social Committee (up to 4) will coordinate a ladies day/evening and/or holiday boutique. 

·         Spring Fashion Show Committee (up to 5) will coordinate a dinner and fashion show. 

·         Enrichment Committee (up to 3) will create special interest events for the Prep community. 

·         Communications Committee (up to 3) each shall serve two-year staggered terms. Shall be responsible for Guild communication of news and upcoming events to the Prep community. They shall also be responsible for set up of online payment forms with the Prep business office and maintain Bellarmine Guild web pages with most current information (bylaws, minutes, events, etc.). 

·         Spirituality Committee (up to 3) shall lead an opening prayer at Board meetings, organize mothers’ Masses, organize monthly Rosaries, and act as liaison to Prep’s chaplain and Prep’s campus ministry.

·         Sunshine Coordinator (1) shall provide cards and gifts for the Prep community as deemed appropriate by the Board.

·         Spring Auction Committee Liaison (1) is responsible for coordination of spring auction communications between the development office and the Bellarmine Guild.  Liaison will be also be asked to attend Spring Auction evening meetings as often as possible.

·         Prep Pride Liaison (1) will work with Prep Pride in setting up a volunteer schedule to help in the store and school events. Will preview new items at the monthly Board meetings.

·         Photography Committee (up to 3) will arrange to have photos taken at all Guild sponsored events and will work with Prep’s director of communications to upload photos to website. 

·         “Prep 101” Coordinator (1) will be responsible for creating a list of contact information for all incoming freshman mothers/female guardians.  Duties my include providing individual board members with a group of families and requesting that they communicate throughout the year on Guild and school events. Such request for Board member assistance with this duty is discretionary and is up to the judgement of the Prep 101 coordinator to ask for assistance as she sees fit. Additionally, they will create and send out relevant communications to freshman mothers/female guardians and/or request assistance from Board members to send such communications to their assigned families.

·         SEED Liaison (1) is responsible for coordination of SEED communications between Mr. Goodwin and the Bellarmine Guild.  Liaison may be also be asked to attend meetings with Mr. Goodwin and SEED meetings/events.


·         Service Project Committee (up to 3) will be responsible for coordinating multiple mother/son service projects throughout the school year. 

·         Slide Show Coordinator (1) will put together a slide show of Senior mothers/caregivers and sons, which will be shown at the Fashion Show, the Mother/son Communion Breakfast and the Senior Moms’/caregivers’ Dinner.


·         Guild board meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month from September until June unless otherwise decided by the Co-Presidents.  Board meetings are open to all mothers/female guardians of the Prep community.

·         The first meeting of the next school year will be held in late May or early June, at which time the new officers will assume their duties.

·         The Co-Presidents may call special meetings of the Board or Executive Board.

·         Board members are reasonably expected to attend monthly meetings, and if a member cannot attend, she must ensure that at least one of her co-chairs will be present at such meeting. Attendance at meetings is strongly encouraged as any votes the Board may take at any given meeting requires that 2/3 of the Board be present (see next bullet).  Co-Presidents should be notified in advance of an absence.

·         Provided at least two-thirds of the Board members are present and voting at any meeting, a majority vote shall constitute a quorum for the transactions of business.

·         The agenda for meetings, in any order as deemed appropriate, shall be as follows:

o    Call to order

o    Prayer

o    Co-Presidents’ Report starting with voting on minutes of previous meeting

o    Treasurer’s Report

o    Reports from standing and special committee’s chairpersons

o    Old Business

o    New Business

o    Adjournment

o    The agenda may be changed by the presidents to accommodate speakers and social programs.


·         It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to present the proposed slate of officers and committee chairpersons to serve for the upcoming year at the March board meeting.

·         The Co-Presidents may be present at Nominating Committee meetings but will have no voting power.


·         These bylaws may be amended, rescinded or revised by a two-thirds vote of Guild/Board members present at any monthly meeting, provided there are at least two-thirds of the Board members in attendance. If two-thirds of the Board is not present at the February meeting where the Co-Vice presidents present proposed bylaw amendments, an electronic vote shall occur to meet the requirements of this Article.

·         Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the basis of reference governing these bylaws.


·         If deemed necessary, motions for appropriations for $500 or less may be made at Board meetings and can be voted from the floor.

·         If deemed necessary, appropriations in excess of $500 need prior Executive Board approval before they can be voted from the floor.

·         Fashion show models: The models for the annual Spring Fashion Show shall be selected using the following criteria: 

1.          The model must be a mother/female guardian of a senior and must be currently serving on the Board.

2.          In the event of too many eligible models, consideration may be given to the length of service on the Board.  

3.          In the event of too few eligible models, consideration will be given to former Board members whose sons are seniors.

4.          Members of the Spring Fashion Show planning committee will not be considered for modeling unless they are also current (or former as outlined in criteria #3 above) Board members whose sons are seniors.

5.          Members of the faculty and staff may be asked to participate as models at the discretion of Prep’s administration.



Revised 3/10/2020