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Hearing Board Procedures

If the administration seeks to expel a student for a disciplinary infraction, said student is automatically entitled to a formal hearing in front of a Hearing Board within ten days after the infraction occurs.  The Hearing Board will be composed of one member of the faculty or administration chosen by the by the administration, one member of the faculty or administration chosen by the offending student, and one member agreed upon by the two selected members.  The School will provide the parents of the offending student written notice within twenty-four hours of the determination that an expulsion will be sought detailing the date and time of the hearing, and a statement explaining the behaviors for which expulsion is sought.

At the hearing, the administration will begin the proceedings by laying out the underlying facts and circumstances for which it believes an expulsion is warranted along with any evidence relied upon to reach this conclusion. The student and his parents can present facts and arguments opposing the expulsion and/or suggesting a less severe punishment.

Following the presentation of both parties, the members of the Board can question either party concerning the facts at hand or seek clarifications as to the facts presented.

The Hearing Board can:

  • Determine that the student should be expelled
  • Impose a less severe penalty (penalties) on the student.

Parents are to receive the decision of the Board within twenty-four hours of the hearing.  Should the Board impose expulsion, parents cannot appeal the decision.