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College Application Procedures

As college application season arrives in the fall of senior year it is essential to become familiar with the steps and elements in the college application process and with the practices and procedures of the College Advising Office through the process.  It is also important to be familiar with the steps we will take in assisting seniors to generate and coordinate the documents needed to complete the application process.  All topics outlined here are discussed thoroughly with seniors in guidance groups in the first weeks of the school year.  


A completed application consists of:

1) The Application itself and all of its parts – either the college’s own application or the Common Application.  ALMOST ALL applications are filed on line either at the college’s website or through the Common Application web site (  Note that colleges and universities which accept the Common Application usually do not have their own application.  If they do then they accept them equally.

a) Personal Essay(s) – the College Essay. 

b) Activities Statement – a concise statement highlighting a key activity.

c) Resume – we strongly recommend attaching a resume – guidelines and samples have been provided.

d) Supplement to the Common Application – not all colleges require a supplement, for those that do, it must be completed in order to achieve a complete application.  Supplements are accessible at the Common Application web site or at the college’s own web site.  Note that some supplements require additional information while others require additional pieces of writing as well as requiring additional information.  Some are to be filed before the application (pre apps) and others along with or following the application. 

e) Early Decision agreement – a statement which must be signed by student, parent and counselor - for those who choose this option for applying.


2) Teacher Recommendations.  Students are to request recommendation from two teachers – usually teachers they have had in junior year.  Teachers who agree to recommend are given the teacher recommendation form distributed in our guidance seminars and a stamped, addressed (to the college’s admissions office) envelope along with the Teacher Recommendation form.  If the student is filing the Common Application then there is a Teacher Recommendation form.  Colleges which do not accept the Common Application may or may not present a form but do require a recommendation.  We require that recommendations be accompanied by a teacher recommendation request form which we will distribute to students and that teacher recommendations be requested ONE MONTH before the due date for the submitted application.  The form will indicate that teachers will be able to submit recommendations electronically so that if a teacher elects to do so – no envelopes or paper forms need be forwarded to the teacher.


3) Standardized Test Scores.  Although a number of colleges and universities have joined the “test optional” ranks, most do require a test report.  Note that both the SAT and ACT are accepted at all colleges and universities in the nation which require testing results.  Fairfield Prep does not place SAT or ACT scores on student transcripts and Fairfield Prep cannot report scores.  Test scores are reported through the test agency, the College Board or the American College Testing Service – electronically.  When coordinating application materials please note that scores can take several weeks or more to arrive in a college’s admissions office.  Use the web sites and to report scores.


4) Transcript Request/Secondary School Report – or Counselor’s Report form and Counselor’s Recommendation.  The Common Application includes a Secondary School Report form as do some specific college applications.  Some non Common Application colleges do not include a Secondary School Report or Counselor’s form in their applications.  This form acts as a Counselor’s recommendation request and as a transcript release form and must be submitted to meet deadlines posted in the College Advising Office.  Students must complete the student section of this form and sign off in the appropriate place on the form and then submit it to their counselor with the College Application Worksheet form which will be distributed in our Guidance Seminars and is available at Guidance web page.  An official copy of the student’s transcript will be sent with the Secondary School Report.    No stamps/envelopes are required for the guidance officeWhere colleges allow, transcripts and recommendations will be sent electronically.


5) College Application Fee.  The fee amount is specific to each college and can be submitted in a number of days.  Most colleges allow the fee to be submitted on line by credit card, either through the Common Application website or through the college’s own website.  Be aware that colleges differ widely in the method of fee submission and in application fee amount.


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