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Prep to hold cultural experience event for Chinese New Year

Image designed by Yuxin "Lucas" Yang '20.

Fairfield Prep encourages all students to attend a cultural experience event in celebration of the Chinese New Year on February 13, 2018.

From 9:20-11:40 a.m., students are welcome to come to the Brissette Gym where there will be a number of special cultural activities put on by the Prep international students and International Student Advisor Lina Gallinelli, and sponsored by AIEP Host Families. These activities include Chinese musical performances, lessons on how to use chopsticks and demonstrations on how to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese.

There will also be light refreshment, such as egg rolls and dumplings. For more information on the entire event, click the above image for a PDF detailing more about the Chinese New Year.

Students: Wear a red tie or shirt and you’ll have a chance to win a gift!

Prep Pride Campus Store is offering a 10% discount on every red item during the Chinese New Year experience.


Posted by Mr. Ronald F. DeRosa on Tuesday January 16 at 09:22AM
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November Newsletter: The latest from Prep

By Li Na Gallinelli

Hello Prep Parents 家长们你们好,


Fall sports seasons are moving to a close, the fall play is ready for the stage and Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend - all signs of change as we move toward the middle of the academic year and the holiday season ahead. In fact, as you read this email teachers are formulating their first quarter grades which will be viewable to you this Friday with Parent's Night scheduled for November 16th. As we meet with students at all levels we will be counseling them to review their first quarter grades and to set goals for their second quarter. We also remind them of our upcoming midterm exams in December, and of their importance.


秋季体育赛季已接近尾声, 学校小剧场演出也准备就绪, 本周末夏令时间即将结束,年末的各种假期也将陆续到来。 所有这些变化都说明我们正进入本学年中期阶段了。 当你阅读这封电子邮件时,老师们正在更新第一季度的学习成绩,下周星期五11月16日将召开全校家长会。每次大学顾问与学生见面时,都会提醒他们别忘了回顾第一季度的学习成绩,是否已设定第二季度的学习目标和方向。很快我们将迎来非常重要的学期中考。 家长和同学们都准备好了吗? 



 Lynne Chesbro, John Hanrahan ,Suzanne Gorab, Rick Hutchinson

Any and all questions – please see your counselor



 Rick Hutchinson ext 2502

Suzanne Gorab ext 2133

John Hanrahan ext 2238 

Attend School Ceremonies  认真听讲

Freshmen Orientation Activities 精彩瞬间

Club & Activities   


WeChat ID: FairfieldPrep


Posted by Mr. Ronald F. DeRosa on Thursday November 30, 2017 at 11:22AM
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October Newsletter: Prep students earn National Honor Society awards

By Li Na Gallinelli

*National Honor Society


National Honor Society(美国国家高中荣誉生会),简称NHS,是美国一个全国性的高中社团,意在表彰在学业成绩、领导才能、社区服务及道德品质均有突出表现的11~12年级学生。

Photo provided by David Duan.

Bowen's GPA places him among the top members of the senior class, and he is a true example of a student who has dedicated himself to achievement in the classroom.

陈博文同学的各科成绩优秀, 也是最高平均分学生之一。


Photo provided by David Duan.

Haoxiang Zhang: The Bausch and Lomb Science Award from the University of Rochester


Bowen Chen: Cornell University Book Award


Dongxu Zhang: Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award sponsored by the University of Rochester


Summa cum laude yearly *GPA of 3.90 or higher


Bowen, Chen

Haoxiang, Zhang

Dongxu, Zhang

Daqin, Lin

Magna cum laude yearly GPA of 3.65 or higher


Haochen, He

Fenghao, Yang 

Cum laude yearly GPA of 3.40 or higher


Changkai, Chen

Ziyuan, Guo

*平均成绩(英文:Grade Point Average,缩写:GPA),是大多数大学及高等教育院校所采用的一种评估学生成绩的制度度

Prep Open House draws hundreds  

 对外开放日, 与您近距离的接触

Campus Life 


Posted by Mr. Ronald F. DeRosa on Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 10:14AM
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