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Visual Arts

Fairfield Prep's visual arts program affords students the opportunity realize their potential.Prep offers an introductory Visual Arts class, where students study the elements and principals of art and design, learning composition and techniques in painting and drawing.

From there, a student can choose to take the Studio Art class, where they design their own projects and focus on the areas they want to work on — from drawing to painting to website design. At Prep we foster a lifelong love of learning through a lifelong love of the arts.

Prep and Creativity

"Here with Prep's fine arts, whatever you want to do is encouraged. It is an opportunity for me to unqind and create something, rather than learn something created for me."

- Ethan Yu '18

Visual Arts Courses

A Learned Skill

"One of the greatest things about art is that anyone can do it and do it well. It is a learned skill like any other subject, sport or activity."

- Mr. Robert Fosse-Previs '87

Taking Risks

Art is all about risk and putting yourself out there. It should make you both excited and scared. You have to be willing to jump into an idea with abandon and see where it takes you. If you fail you have at least learned something, and you know that those around you will support you while you pick up and start again.

SCC Art Show


Fairfield Prep students participate in the Southern Connecticut Conference (SCC) Art Show, held annually in April. Prep students have won awards in the past for their work, which is displayed alongside art from all other SCC schools in Connecticut.

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