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Prep Players

The Prep Players is Fairfield Prep's theater group, putting on two full scale theatrical productions each year at the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.Students can get involved by auditioning for a production or by working on the various technical elements of the show. The fall production is a theatrical play, and the spring show is a musical.

There are also opportunities to participate in acting workshops, travel to New York to see shows, and work on improvisation.

Theatre Courses

Apart from the Prep Players theater club, Prep offers two theater-related fine arts courses.


Yes, let’s

“Yes, let’s!” is a game that captures the essence of everything asked of the cast of any Prep Players show. The cast gathers in the space and, when moved, each member in turn invites the group to join in an activity, and every person in the room must accept the invitation and engage in whatever has been asked of them — no questions asked. One member invites all the rest to hunt moose, and they begin to stalk game in the wilderness. In the next moment, another invites everyone to dance the Macarena. This they all do, until the next among them calls the whole room to meditation. As quickly as a room erupted into the madness of a terrible dance fad, it settles into a peaceful hum. Everyone is always ready, everyone is always willing, everyone always says yes.


Prep Players learn the importance of holding one another up. Whether they are on stage or off, whether we are running through scenes or working tirelessly on songs and dances, they are there for each other in powerful ways. They show not only a commitment to the process, but to one another.



Taking Leaps

"It is not easy to leave your comfort zone, especially when performing in front of an audience filled with people who you don't know. Mrs. Hoover's guidance has helped every single one of us learn the value of taking leaps. She taught us that if you do something embarrassing on stage or in rehearsal, you will be supported by all of the people around you."

- Robbie Whitney '19
Jesus (Godspell)


A History of Performances

The Prep Players have put on a number of different theatrical performances over the past several years. In the 2017-18 academic year the group did Peter and the Starcatcher and Godspell. Past projects include Into the Woods, Carousel, Our Town and The Laramie Project.

View past videos and photos of the shows on our Media Page.

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