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Honor Their Service

We would like to thank all of our Prep Brothers, 240+ who are or have served in the United States Armed Forces. It is because of your Heart, Faith, Courage, Determination and Time that we enjoy the freedoms of this great country. We appreciate you and continue to support you.  If you served in the military and are not listed here or would like to update your listing please complete the update here.  AMDG

Mr. Carl J. Asman 1943 (Deceased)
Mr. Russell R. Ayers 1943  
Mr. Walter W. Garrity Jr. 1943 (Deceased)
Dr. Elbert V. Kring PhD 1943  
Mr. Robert F. Madden 1943 (Deceased)
Mr. Paul B. Marlowe 1943 (Deceased)
Mr. Gerald D. McIndoe 1943 (Deceased)
Mr. Stephen S. Moran 1943 (Deceased)
Mr. Thomas Wrynn 1943  
Mr. Robert R. Allard 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Alvin C. Berger 1944 (Deceased)
Dr. A. Richard Brazis 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. John H. Burns Jr. 1944  
Mr. Anthony P. Caseria 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Robert J. Connell 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Edward F. Fenton Sr. 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Ralph F. Gallagher 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Edwin S. Gaynor 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Richard Gerety 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Richard F. Greenwood 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Robert C. Harrington 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. William S. Hennessey  1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Frank J. Jones 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Albert Lachance 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Thomas R. Lyons 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. David W. Murphy 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. John N. Murray 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Francis Naputano 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Hugh M. Neary 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Thomas F. O'Connor Jr. 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Harold T. Pitt 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Thomas R. Quain 1944  
Mr. Harold J. Savard 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Francis T. Trojanowski 1944 (Deceased)
Mr. Donald T. Burke 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. James F. Burns 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. George W. Coleman 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Raymond J. Daly 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Carl D. Eisenmann 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. John J. Ganley 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. William F. Hanlon 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Francis J. Kennelly 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. William T. McDonough 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. James J. McKenna 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Kenneth R. Murdre 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Harold F. Mullen 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. William P. Murphy 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Robert S.Quinn 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Robert A. Sawyer 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Rene C. Sawyer 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. Edward P. Tickey 1945 (Deceased)
Mr. John B. Atcherson  1946 (Deceased)
Mr. John M. Desmond 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Francis C. Falanga 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Ronald J. Feeley 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Edward C. Hudak 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Joseph Kale 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. T. E. Murray 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Edwin G. Pander 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Leonard R. Scinto 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Raymond Sherwood 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. John Sullivan 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Martin S. Zadravec 1946 (Deceased)
Mr. Orland F. Bergere 1947 Army(53-55) Rank at Discharge SGT Bd 4 FtBliss, TX
Mr. Ray Longden 1947  
Mr. Edward C. Lovely 1951 (Deceased)
Mr. Richard A. Mozier 1951 US Navy-25 yrs
Mr. Stephen G. Gardella Jr. 1952  
Colonel Michael J. Trimpert 1953  
Colonel John H. Vickers 1953  
Dr. John H. Galla MD 1954  
Mr. John M. Weiss 1954 (Deceased)
Dr. James M. Alexander MD 1955 (Deceased)
Dr. Patrick Carolan MD 1955 US Army, Medical Corp1962-72
Mr. Louis F. Coppola 1955  
Mr. Joseph D. Sargent 1955 (Deceased)
Mr. Richard J. Baricko 1957 US Air Force
Mr. Kevin J. Cavanagh 1957 Airforce 1961-1965
Mr. Roger L. Crake 1957  
Lt. Col. Edward J. Gniadek 1957 United States Air Force
Mr. James C. Hellauer 1957  
The Hon. Alfred J. Jennings Jr. 1957 US Air Force, Captain
LTJG Frank Malinski 1957 US NAVY, DIA aboard USS Thresher (SSN-593)
Mr. Jerome F. McGourthy 1957  
Captain Phillip J. Bull 1958 United States Coast Guard
Mr. Patrick Cremins 1958 CT2 US Navy 1958-1962
Mr. Vito S. De Marco 1958 (Deceased)
Lt. Cmdr. Carroll H. Holst Jr. 1958 (Deceased)
Mr. Edmund J. Chesto 1959  
Mr. Michael F. Dowley III 1959 Capt USMC Service - 61-68 Active dute 63-66
Mr. John E. Hennessey 1959 Capt. USMC (Vietnam 1969)
Mr. Lawrence H. O'Toole 1959  
Mr. Thomas F. Quinn 1959 (Deceased)
Mr. William J. DeJoseph 1960 Cap.USAF 64-69-Bronze Star Metal-Combat Vet
Mr. Frank L. Farina 1960  
Mr. William B. Gaffney 1960  
Mr. Louis A. Unger III 1960  
Mr. Raymond T. Barrett 1961 West Point Academy, United States Army
Mr. Robert F. Fritz Jr. 1961 West Point Academy, United States Army
Lt. Col. William Gadus 1961 United States Army 1965-'68, 1983 - 2003
Dr. Charles G. Hemenway Jr. 1961 Navy 70-72 Active Duty
Mr. Ronal Miazga 1961 Air Force Academy, Piloted KC 135 in Vietnam
Commander Stephen Tutujian 1961 United States Navy
Mr. Floyd C. Culhane Jr. 1962 West Point
Mr. Richard C. Doran 1962  
Lt. Col. Arthur G. Mulligan 1962  
Mr. Walter E. Skowronski 1962 (Deceased)
Mr. Andrew Barrett 1963 Captain, United States Air Force. F-4 Phantom WSO
Mr. Ronald Barrett 1963 Captain, United States Air Force. KC135 Pilot
Mr. John J. Barry Jr. 1963 United States Army (Vietnam)
Mr. Lawrence F. Carroll 1963  
Mr. Michael F. Giarratano 1963 SP5 - Army 68-71, Vietnam 69-70
Mr. Joseph W. Gilmartin Jr. 1963  
Mr. David Nassef 1963 United States Marine Corp
Mr. Howard R. Renzi 1963  
Mr. Frank Sebestyen 1963 Captain US Army 1967-1970
Mr. Richard Baby 1964 US Army 71 -73, 1st Lieutenant
Mr. Joseph Egan 1964 US Army National Guard Sergeant E5
Mr. Bill O'Brien 1964 Sgt E-5 USMC 1965-69
Mr. David J. Rizzardi 1964 PFC, United States Marine Corp 1964-68
Mr. John P. McCarthy 1965 United States Navy 69-77
Mr. Kevin C. Connolly 1966  
Mr. Timothy Sheehan 1966 Navy-70-76, Coast Guard Res. 76-96
Mr. Ronald V. Bazza 1968  
Mr. Thomas J. Donlon 1969  
Colonel Michael F. McCarthy III 1969 United States Air Force
Mr. John Morrow 1971 LtCol, United States Marine Corp 1978-1999
Dr. Brian M. O'Sullivan 1971  
Mr. Kenneth S. Pruzinsky 1971  
Lt. Cmdr. Sean P. Walsh  (Ret.) 1971 US Navy 75-76 Inactive res 76-94 active duty
Lt. Col. John M. Cal (Ret.) 1972  
Colonel Robert A. Ciola 1973 United States Air Force
Mr. Kevin E. Jennings 1973 Navy 76-81-2ndClHardHatDiver-Pearl Har&Pac Theater 
Mr. Gerard T. Scholz 1973  
Mr. John F. Lademan 1974  
Colonel David R. Miller 1974  
Mr. Michael Santolupo 1974 US Coast Guard,  ET2 1975-79
Lt. Leonard A. Dato 1975  
Mr. Ken Donofrio 1975 US Navy,  AX3 - Anti Submarine Technician
Colonel Robert C. Morris Jr. 1975  
Captain Gregory A. Gluz 1976  
Mr. James P. Quinn 1977  
Rear Adm. Brian P. Monahan MD 1978  
Captain Christopher Bello 1979 United States Army - Captain 1986 - 1994
Mr. Nicholas R. Loglisci Jr. 1980  
Captain Francis X. Martin 1980 United States Navy
Lt. Col. Paul L. Cal (Ret.) 1981  
Mr. Bill Dully 1981 United States Navy 1985 - 1989, SK2
Mr. Anthony A. Loglisci 1981  
Mr. John E. Rosen 1981 United States Coast Guard
Mr. Martin J. McGuirk 1982  
Mr. Richard J. Miller 1982  
Colonel Joseph J. Murphy III 1982  
Mr. Ronald J. Ciola 1983  
Mr. Steven R. Loglisci 1983  
Captain Anthony B. DiGiulian 1984  
Captain Michael R. Evans 1984  
Lt. Cmdr Michael Gagner 1984 United States Navy - 21yrs
Colonel Michael J. Leeney 1984  
Mr. Solomon Ramsey 1984  
Lt. George I. Saulnier 1984 United States Navy
Mr. John W. Dehler 1985  
Mr. Carl A. Kleinknecht III 1985  
Mr. Theodore A. Kracht 1985  
Colonel Robert A. Law III 1985  
Major B. D. Peterson II 1985  
Mr. Michael F. Reardon 1985  
Mr. Jay A. Butka 1986  
Mr. John G. King 1986  
LtC. Brian J. Lawler 1986 United States Marine Corp 1990-2018
Mr. Alexander B. Moore 1986  
Captain John S. Parent 1986 United States Air Force
Mr. Michael Sweeney 1986  
Lt. Cmdr. Keith P. McTigue 1987 United States Coast Guard
Capt. Marc Zinner 1987 United States Marine Corp
Mr. Thomas R. Doyle 1988  
Major Charles P. Smith 1988 United States Marine Corp
Lt. Cmdr. Val D. Naftali 1989 United States Navy
Mr. Kevin J. Reynolds PE 1989  
Mr. R. Bruce Sotire 1989 United States Marine Corp
Mr. Brian D. Arnow 1991 (Deceased)
Mr. Nick Marsan 1991 United States Army
Mr. Steven A. Deveau 1992  
Mr. John P. McCarthy 1992  
Mr. Thomas L. McShane 1992  
Mr. Robert S. Ryan 1992  
Captain Kenneth J. Boda 1993 United States Coast Guard
Lt. Timothy W. Fox USN 1993  
Mr. Brian M. Reidy 1993  
Commander Nathan C. Scopac 1993 United States Air Force
Captain Jose M. Vasquez (Ret.) 1993 Army Special Forces Green Beret
Mr. Brian T. King USAF 1994  
Mr. David M. Queally 1994  
1st Lt. Brian C. Huberty 1995  
Lt. Gregory G. Jonic 1995 United States Navy
Mr. Bernard M. Deysson Jr. 1996  
Captain Jason E. Smith 1996 United States Air Force
Captain Nicholas J. Bilotta 1997  
Mr. Robert A. King 1997 United States Army
Mr. Dion F. Mancenido 1997  
Mr. Michael L. Mulligan 1997  
Mr. Nile O. Sykes 1997  
Mr. William C. Smith 1998  
Mr. John P. Duggan 1999  
Mr. Michael E. McDonald 1999  
Captain James M. Reilly III 1999  
Mr. Matthew J. Wilson 1999  
Mr. Timothy S. Tilghman 2000  
Mr. Samuel M. Marrone 2001  
Mr. Matthew W. McGuire 2001  
Mr. Benjamin J. Mulkerin 2001  
Mr. Matthew M. Russell 2001  
Mr. William G. Zielinski 2001  
Mr. Michael P. Benedosso 2003  
Captain Daniel T. Ford 2003  
Mr. Steffen J. Wojeck 2003  
Mr. Charles J. Crawley III 2004  
Mr. Bryan R. Rooney 2004 United States Army: Captain 2005 - present
Mr. Kevin C. Dewey 2005  
Mr. Daniel T. Diotalevi 2005  
Mr. Daniel W. Kirk 2005  
Mr. Andrew T. Kydes 2006  
Mr. Kevin S. Mott 2006  
Lt. Cmdr Ryan Nelson 2006 United States Navy (RIMPAC)
Mr. Michael Amato 2008 US Air Force: Major - Service 10 Years
Mr. Luke J. Kerrisk 2008  
Mr. Casey B. Mott 2008  
Dr. Colin E. Nevins 2008  
Chief Frank J. Piro 2008  
Mr. Brian Murphy 2009 United States Navy
Mr. Andrew J. Golankiewicz 2010  
Lt. Michael T. Kirk 2010  
Mr. Brendan C. McLeod 2010  
Mr. Charles J. Donohue 2011 United States Coast Guard
Mr. William M. Firisin Jr. 2011  
Mr. Rob M. Franzino 2011  
Mr. Patrick W. Corona 2012 US Air Force: Captain - Pilot KC10 Refueler
Mr. Jay M. Power 2012  
Mr. Tyler D. Stankye 2012 US Army, Captain C Troop, 10th US Cavalry
Mr. Riley Hoffman 2013 US Marine, CAAT Platoon Commander
Mr. Matthew J. Rahtelli 2013 US Army Reserves, Combat Engineer Specialist
Mr. Brendan D. Bernard 2014  
Mr. Bjorn C. Davis 2014  
Mr. Colin P. Ihlefeld 2015  
Mr. Robert B. Anderson 2016  
Mr. John H. Bosken 2016  
Mr. George H. Crist 2016  
Mr. Nicholas H. Franchuk 2016  
Mr. Christopher J. Fusco 2016  
Mr. Theo W. Jordanides 2016  
Lt. Jack Cavanaugh 2017 Unites States Marine Corp, 2nd Lieutenant
Mr. Aristotle J. Colarossi 2017  
Mr. Martin J. Duffy 2017  
Mr. Karl A. Johnson 2017  
Mr. Sean Paul Stolarski 2017  
Mr. William M. Duffy  2018  
Mr. Ethan J. Grandolfo 2019 United States Air Force Academy
Mr. Louis T. Guzzi 2019  
Mr. Andrew Lyon 2019 Ensign, United States Navy
Mr. Connor Nitka 2019 United States Army, Pvt
Mr. Aiden L. Mardis-Rickard 2022 United States Navy