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AHOF Nomination Form & Rules

AHOF Rules

  1. Coaches, trainers, managers, and any other persons who have made outstanding contributions or who have offered extraordinary service to athletics at Prep are eligible.
  2. Current school coaches or staff members may not be considered for selection.
  3. Those who are not alumni and are no longer contributing in Fairfield Prep Athletics may be considered for selection.
  4. Alumni are eligible only if they have participated in two full seasons of varsity competition at Prep and have been graduated ten or more years.
  5. Non-graduates may be selected only upon approval of all members of the Selection Committee, and not until ten years have passed since they would normally have received their diploma from Prep.
  6. Alumni also are eligible if they have made outstanding contributions or offered extraordinary service to Prep athletics after graduation.
  7. You may nominate more than one person/team, but you will have to provide documentation for each. Please use separate nomination form for each nominee.
  8. Don’t forget to nominate the “Legends” of Prep. Athletes from the classes of 1942 - 1958.
This form is not currently accepting submissions.

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