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Rev. Eugene Brissette, S.J.

Perhaps no one was more visible on the Fairfield Prep sideline than the Rev. Eugene Brissette, S.J.

Fr. Brissette was a teacher and administrator at Prep from 1956 until 1994, and served as chaplain for the football team during the tenure of both AHOF coaches: the late Joe Brosley and the late Earl Lavery.

A native of Providence, R.I., Fr. Brissette was an ex-football player himself, manning the center position his freshman season at Boston College. But at the end of that first year, he received a higher calling and entered the Society of Jesus. 

Fr. Brissette eventually made his way to Fairfield Prep in 1956 and was a mainstay on the faculty until 1990.

He served as a chairman of the Science Department, and his forte was chemistry. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fr. Brissette class without his occasional “meatball!” or “bucket head!” utterance to chastise those unfortunate souls who were not paying attention during one of his lab sessions. 

Fr. Brissette retired from teaching in 1990, but he was appointed Special Assistant for Development and remained in that capacity until he retired for good in 1994.

Fr. Brissette passed away after a long illness on Dec. 27, 2002 at the age of 83. Fairfield Prep has kept his memory alive by naming its athletic center after him.


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