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Who Opened the Door for You?

Whenever you reflect on attending high school at Fairfield Prep, what comes to mind? Do you recall your favorite teachers and your favorite classes? Do you recall the sports teams on which you played, your teammates, and the extracurricular activities in which you participated? Do you recall the hustle and bustle of the hallways, and the aroma of cafeteria food? Do you recall the school plays, art shows, and music concerts? Do you recall FP masses, Kairos retreats, and immersion experiences?

Do you also recall sitting in Donna Andrade’s office? A person to whom you could speak freely and not worry about being judged? A space where you knew you could feel comfortable and share your academic, cultural, and social struggles at school? A place where you could talk about things that were happening at home or with your girlfriend or your friends?  A place where, if your family was struggling financially to pay for tuition, or for books, or for food, or for transportation, Donna would find funding to help lighten the load? A welcoming place where you sat with her and your friends—people who understood exactly what you were going through?

Do you recall participating in the SEED (Students for Education Excellence through Diversity) programs: the Ethnic Brunch/Dinner, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly, the Brothers for Others program, Parent-Son meetings and workshops, the SEED mixer/dance, the Northern Exposure Philosophy club, the Peer Tutor Program, and the Interracial Youth Council, to name a few? Do you recall Ms./Dr. Andrade making you speak in front of large groups of people to build your confidence and hone your presentation skills? Do you recall Ms./Dr. Andrade driving you home after school,  after a late game, or after some other school event because your parents were working and couldn’t retrieve you? Or maybe, some of you will recall that she drove you to and from your home so that you could take the FP entrance exam (because back then it was socially acceptable and legal to do so)? 

When you think of Fairfield Prep, do you remember a place where, if you did not keep up your grades or if you misbehaved you would be called to task and kept in line by Ms./Dr. Andrade (or Mrs. Thomas)? Do you recall that they would reach out to your teachers and call your parents at the drop of a dime to both inform and partner with them to ensure your general well-being, academic success, and retention at Prep?  Do you recall that you felt genuinely cared for and deeply loved? 

Do you recall who “opened the door” to Fairfield Prep for you?
Do you remember that you found a “home” in Donna Andrade’s office?

It’s time for you to Come Home.

We want to hear from you! 

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