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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can apply to the Alumni Service Corps at Fairfield Prep?
    Alumni of Fairfield Prep are encouraged to apply to the Alumni Service Corps during their senior year of college. Applications will also be considered from alumni who are in their first or second year after graduating college. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  2. How can I apply to the Alumni Service Corps at Fairfield Prep?
    An application is available on the school’s website. Please complete the application in its entirety. The application will also ask you to upload a resume and a personal statement. Applications are accepted throughout the year and on a rolling basis. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by the program director and discussed with school administrators. You will then be contacted to arrange an interview if the program committee would like to move forward with your application.
  3. Do I need to have studied education in college?
    No. The Alumni Service Corps accepts applicants from all academic backgrounds.
  4. Do I need to be interested in becoming a teacher to be an Alumni Service Corps member?
    No. Many young professionals who have completed a program like the Alumni Service Corps have moved onto many different career paths. These paths include classroom teaching, graduate school, law school, and the business sector. 
  5. What compensation will be I given as an Alumni Service Corps member?
    Alumni Service Corps members will be provided off-campus housing in walking distance of Fairfield Prep, a weekly meal allowance covering breakfast and lunch, and a modest stipend for their work to cover basic necessities such as groceries and gas. 
  6. What work will I be doing in the school?
    A typical day is different for each ASC member. We focus on placing you in areas of the school that you are interested in being a part of for the year. We will ask for your input and try to accommodate your interests and talents while giving you as much interaction with the student body as possible. Examples of assignments given to ASCs in the past include working with faculty members in the classroom for one to two periods, developing alumni and fundraising programs with the Advancement office, assisting Campus Ministry with retreats, immersion trips, and service projects, supporting the Admissions office with recruitment and campus tours, and assisting the Guidance office with college visits and mentoring.
  7. Will I be able to go on retreats and immersion trips?
    Yes! ASC members have the opportunity to assist in Campus Ministry programs as an adult leader. You would be involved in all planning meetings with student leaders and other adults to prepare for retreats such as the freshmen retreat, Grounded in Gratitude (formally the Sophomore Retreat), Kairos, and the Senior Movie Retreat. Participation in Urban Plunge and Immersion Trips to Ecuador, Jamaica, and Appalachia are also encouraged if desired. 
  8. Would I be able to coach a sports team?
    Absolutely! Fairfield Prep has graduated many student athletes. Whichever sport you are interested in coaching, we will work to pair you up with the team that is the best fit. ASC members are preferably assigned to freshmen or JV teams for one season to give more flexibility to their overall schedule.
  9. What is the time commitment needed for being an Alumni Service Corps member?
    ASC members need to be available beginning the middle of August to move into the provided housing, participate in a program orientation week, and begin to build a sense of community among the other ASCs. On a school day, ASCs must be in the building beginning at 8:00am and should be present until 3:30pm unless a school event or function conflicts. On weekends, ASCs should make themselves available to attend school events and functions as needed. ASCs will conclude the program by the middle of June. 
  10. Is there a possibility of having a part-time job?
    Given the nature of this program being a year of service to the school, we ask that all ASC members dedicate their professional life to Prep for the duration of their time with us. We ask that they refrain from seeking outside work as it will conflict with not only their professional duties at Prep but also their personal journey of discernment during this year. 
  11. What does a typical day look like as an Alumni Service Corps member?
    As mentioned, not all ASC members share the same schedule. Below is an example of a typical day for an ASC:

    7:00am        Work out with Soccer Team in Lavery Strength & Fitness Center
    8:00am        Attend Mass in St. Joseph’s Chapel
    8:30am        Check in with ASC Director for daily proctoring duties and announcements
    8:35am        Proctor McLeod Innovation Center
    9:30am        Report to 2nd period to co-teach with Mrs. Brennan’s Geometry Class
    11:00am      Work with Campus Ministry on Kairos Leader interviews
    12:00pm     Proctor SLC Berchmann’s Lunch
    12:30pm     Lunch
    1:00pm       Attend meeting with Mr. Goodwin to talk the next Call to Action initiative
    2:30pm       Meet at Rafferty Stadium to run drills with Soccer Team
    5:30pm       Community building / Make dinner with fellow ASC members at home
    8:00pm       Lesson plan for class tomorrow