Latin Scholars Luncheon

The Latin Scholars is a dedicated group of alumni that has supported Fairfield Prep for more than three decades. Throughout the years, the Latin Scholars group has raised $100,000 in donations through an annual dinner, with all proceeds going to Prep-related charities and scholarships.

History of the Latin Scholars

The Latin Scholars officially began as an organization in 1981, however its roots go back to 1976. In December of that year, five Prep alumni — John Ford '46, Emil Garofalo '45, Frank Kennelly '45, John Connelly '45 and Stanton Kennedy '45 — got together for lunch with their former Latin teacher, the Rev. Thomas Murphy, S.J.

Nicknamed "Little Ceasar," Rev. Murphy maintained an old fashioned teaching way — lots of homework and plenty of JUG.

The group decided to continue the luncheon as an annual tradition. As time went by, these alumni began to refer to themselves as "Fr. Murphy's Latin Scholars."

The group wanted to honor the beloved priest for his many years of service to Prep and its students. They decided to buy a plaque in Rev. Murphy's honor — which cost $10,000. To cover the cost, "Fr. Murphy's Latin Scholars" decided in 1981 to open up their annual December luncheon to all of Pep alumni, charging them a modest fee to attend. Thus, the Latin Scholars as an organization was born and John Connelly was named president.

What began as a simple get together of old friends has since ballooned into a great event for alumni to get together and help support the future of Prep. But, despite the growth and charity, the Latin Scholars sticks to its low-key roots. There are no paid employees, no red tape, no perks, no graft, no fraud. A bank account exists to cover postage, etc. and the balance never exceeds $100. Just the way Fr. Murphy would like it.