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September 2018 Monthly Newsletter: Welcome Back!

Welcome back! The 2018-19 academic year officially begun this past week with our student orientations and the ever-popular Freshmen Olympics on Aug. 29.

学生们,欢迎回来! 八月的到来也意味着18 -19 年新学年正式开始。 8月29日全校新生报到会,学生们认识了校长以及所有教师团队,此外还有机会体验倍受欢迎的迷你奥林匹克运动。

This year we welcomed 12 new International Students in our freshmen, sophomore and junior classes, bringing our total number of students to 34! In additional to new faculty members, we also welcomed our new principal, Dr. Tommy de Quesada who joins Prep from Belen Jesuit in Miami, Fla.

今年Prep分别招收了9、10、11年级共12名国际学生,使留学生总人数达到34名! 除了新教员之外,还迎来新任校长汤米·德·奎萨达博士,他来自佛罗里达州迈阿密的贝伦耶稣会学校, 有着丰富的教学和管理经验。欢迎奎萨达博士, 新教员,和新生加入Prep的大家庭!

Our students are excited to come back and we all look forward to another of opportunities for the whole Prep community.

相信每一位学生都非常兴奋新学年的开始,期待着与Prep 大家庭一起接受新学年的将要面对的所有挑战。

Go Prep! Prep 加油!

Welcome Reception for International Students






Welcome to the Class 2022



2018 Activities Fair


Students got a chance to see the various clubs and extracurricular groups offered at Prep.

在新生报到会上,学生们有机会了解Prep 现有的社团和俱乐部


Welcome Back for the Seniors

欢迎 12 年级学生


Welcome back Sophomore and Junior Class

欢迎10, 11 年级学生

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