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January Monthly Newsletter

Between preparing for Christmas break and exams, December has been a busy month at Fairfield Prep. Members of our junior class were given their class rings or Ignatian Medals during the Junior Ring Ceremony, and we held a Christmas toy drive for needy families throughout the area. Prep students also sang Christmas carols in downtown Fairfield, and students from the AP Latin class sand famous holiday songs in Latin. We look forward to the spring semester and to see what 2018 brings us at Fairfield Prep!



12月是Prep 最繁忙的一个月。 在迎接圣诞假期来临的同时, 同学们也在积极准备期中考试。让我们回顾一下本月精彩的瞬间。 11年级学生在"戒指仪式"上, 展示了授予他们的戒指或Ignatia纪念奖章。 学校为社区的贫困家庭举办为期一周的捐"圣诞玩具"活动。Prep学生在费尔菲尔德市中心唱圣诞颂歌, 拉丁班的学生用拉丁语唱著名的节日歌曲。我们期待着春季学期的到来,看看2018学年Prep会带给我们什么样惊喜!




Showing their Medals of St. Ignatius of Loyola

展示 St. Ignatius of Loyola 纪念奖章



郭澍, 李晨昊, 窦允泽, 何宸


For a second year in a row, a student from China had the winning design for the Fairfield Prep Christmas card. Lucas Yang '20 designed the card in Bob Fosse-Previs' art class, which you can view below.


10年级学生Lucas Yang同学在圣诞卡设计比赛中拔得头筹, 获得一等奖, 这也是我们国际学生连续两届获得此奖项。









Fairfield Prep and United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston participated in a Habitat for Humanity projects throughout the area. The students assisted in constructing roofs, installing subflooring, and placing fencing at some of the homes in various stages of construction. Thank you for giving your time and hard work during the Holiday Season!

Fairfield Prep和联合卫理公会 在韦斯特波特和威斯顿教堂做义工, 他们建造屋顶,安装地板,并在建筑的不同阶段对一些住宅加强围栏。感谢学生和老师在节日期间放弃休息, 感谢你们的辛勤劳动!





















Class 2019, are you ready? Don't know what kind of university is right for you? Contact your college counselor if you have any questions.  

11年级同学你们准备好了吗? 不知道如何申请大学?




Christmas Decoration &  Christmas Toy Drive 

 装饰圣诞& 以及为贫困家庭捐赠玩具