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December Monthly Newsletter

By Li Na Gallinelli

The month of November kicked off with a festive celebration: Trunk-or-Treat! Prep students welcomed a group of children from a local school for a day of fun, activities and candy. We held a month-long food drive where Prep students and families donated thousands of food items to needy families in the area, and we also welcomed students from New York City to come and view our fall play, "Peter and the Starcatcher." Lastly, we welcomed several colleges and universities to Prep for a college fair in our gymnasium. See photos from these many fun activities below.

随着11月的到来, 一系列的节日和庆祝活动也分别拉开帷幕。 万圣节是孩子们最喜欢的节日之一。 Prep 12年级学生和当地小学生进行了联谊活动,他们一起度过了有趣的一天,  一起做活动, 一起分享糖果。学校举办了长达一个月的"食品捐赠挑战活动" , 成千上万的罐头捐赠给本地区贫困家庭, 让他们也能度过一个愉快的节日。 欢迎来自纽约的学生来观看我校学生表演的戏剧"彼得和星际捕手"。最后,22所天主教隶属学院和大学来Prep 做展出, 现场解答关于如何申请大学等相关问题。 请看活动照片。

Beautiful campus 


AJ Valus, Haoxiang Zhang, Bowen Chen and Chris Duffy

This fall, seniors AJ Valus, Haoxiang Zhang, Bowen Chen and Chris Duffy participated in a five-week after school seminar series called Partners in Science. Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and the Duracell Corporation, the four students spent hours at the two companies' Research & Development facilities. As participants, they gained an insider's view of how leading corporations depend on scientists from the biological, chemical, and computer science fields in order to solve challenging problems confronting society. Each seminar session involved a lecture presentation by leading scientists, as well as a tour of lab and research and development facilities.


今秋,12年级学生AJ Valus和张浩翔, 陈博文和Chris Duffy参加了课后为期五周的"科学伙伴" 系列活动 。活动是由"勃林格制药"和"金霸王电池公司"共同赞助举办的。每一次研究都会有科学家详细的讲解、 参观实验室、 参观科技开发等设施。作为参与者,学生们获得了很多宝贵的第一手资料, 如内部专业人士对企业的看法, 公司如何依靠生物、化学和计算机等领域的科学家们来解决社会面临的一系列问题等 。


Enjoy photos from the Jesuit Excellence Tour, where Prep students had the opportunity to interact with reps from various different Jesuit colleges.

有近22所大学来到Prep, 与学生面对面交流


Not sure how to apply to college? Don't know what kind of university is right for you? Contact your college counselor if you have any questions. 

不知道如何申请大学? 怎样的大学适合你?  任何问题请联系你的大学顾问



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 Prep students spend time serving others on Urban Plunge and through our Great Ignatian Challenge food drive.






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