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October Monthly Newsletter

October Monthly Newsletter

Fairfield Prep kicked off the new 2018-19 academic year with students attending the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit. We also held our Clubs & Activities fair, offering new and returning students opportunities to see what extracurricular activities are available at Prep. Finally, we closed out the month with our annual Open House on Sept. 30, where several of our international students assisted in promoting Prep to prospective students and families. We're looking forward to what's to come in October!

新学年已经开始近一个月,Prep 有了非常良好的开始。 学生们参加了一年一度的圣灵弥撒。 在俱乐部和社团展销会, 新生和返校学生了解到学校目前有哪些课外活动,现场就可以加入喜欢的社团。9月30日年度"开放日" 向更多想来Prep的家庭开放,学生自愿者带领着家长和学弟们参观、介绍 学校。 国际学生在这个特别的日子里也和老师们一起展示Prep提供的 课程。期待着十月的到来!

Mass of the Holy Spirit

We gathered to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit to kick off the start of the new academic year. Praise be to God.


Father Simisky's 'Over the Edge'

Prep's Fr. Tom Simisky rappelled down the People's Bank building in downtown Bridgeport on Sept. 15 to support the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club at the "Over the Edge" event.

汤姆·斯米斯基神父(Fr. Tom Simisky)参加"超越边缘"活动,从布里奇波特市中心的人民银行大楼上绳索下降,支持韦克曼男孩女孩俱乐部。

Theology Help

The theology department will provide an extra help once a week for our international students. In the years past, theology has been a difficult subject so we are happy to have the additional help.


Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival came to Connecticut this year. The teachers and students at Prep had a chance to try mooncakes and learn about this festival.

中秋佳节,祝福同学们节日快乐,老师们通过文化交流分享了月饼, 同时了解了中秋节的意义

Visitors enjoyed great science and robotics demonstrations at the the Prep Open House.

"开放日" 校长和理事长亲自欢迎来学校参观的家庭。家长们、学弟们近距离的观看化学实验和机器人演示

Dragon Performance

For the first time ever at Fairfield Prep we had a dragon performance.


If you would like to get in touch with us, or have further questions, please contact International Student Advisor Li Na.

若想与我们有更多的交流和沟通,请联系国际指导老师李娜 邮件为: 或者请添加下面的微信:

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