Frequently Asked Questions

We know that many questions can arise when discerning a college prep school. Below is a list of some of the questions we at Fairfield Prep receive from families and students who visit us.

What's it like going to an all-boys school?

The All-Boys Advantage - every facet of the learning platform at Prep is engineered to guide and challenge boys to find their niche and passion in life. We not only gear our academic curriculum towards how boys learn, but also create a foundation for boys to grow with cura personalis, the care for the whole person. Our teachers are trained to teach boys how to exercise empathy in everyday situations - in and out of the class. Understanding what it may feel like in another person’s shoes is essential to building the Prep Brotherhood, and becoming future leaders of society.

What advantages does Prep offer by sitting on the campus of Fairfield University?

Fairfield University offers Prep students access to world class academic, social and athletic facilities. Prep students have full access to the university’s library and RecPlex, and certain Prep sports compete at Rafferty Stadium, Alumni Hall, Alumni Baseball Diamond, the tennis courts and track & field complex. The involvement with Fairfield University interns provides students’ an additional level of guidance and support with various areas of integration, including extra academic support services as well as guidance with time management and organization.

How does the school encourage students to get involved?

From a student’s first day on campus Fairfield Prep encourages its student body to take advantage of the opportunities presented through our Student Activities program. Being a part of the Fairfield University campus allows our students to take the University Shuttle to and from the train station until well into the evening allowing even those with transportation difficulties access to our many clubs and activities. We encourage all our boys to stay at school beyond the 2:30 final bell.

What activities are there if you don't play on one of Prep's sports team?

Fairfield Prep offers an extremely diverse list of clubs and activities open to all of our students. While the current list can be found here, our clubs and activities list is constantly growing when students enter with new interests and use the resources available here to start a new club.

How do students handle academics, extracurricular activities and commuting?

Fairfield Prep is a college preparatory institution. Every aspect of learning is constructed to prepare boys for life after Prep. Our faculty, coaches and administrators take this into account but also collaboratively work on the proper scheduling requirements for a balanced approach of all areas of learning. In turn, our students and families also collaborate to ensure everyone succeeds at Prep.

How do students typically socialize with each other on weekends?

Attending Fairfield Prep often expands a boy’s group of friends far beyond the borders of his town. Prep students are often seen joining up on the train as they head to support their Prep classmates on a playing field, on stage, or just to attend one of the school dances. 

What is it like to be a non-Catholic at Prep?

Fairfield Prep has four year theology and service requirements that are rooted in the Catholic tradition. We welcome students of all faiths or of no faith to develop their own spirituality and relationship with God. Students are encouraged to come to a better understanding of both Christian and non-Christian traditions and the role that religion plays in our community, nation, and world.

How diverse is the school?

The student body at Fairfield Prep is racially, culturally, religiously, economically, and geographically diverse. Students of color comprise 26% of the class of 2021. The Students for Educational Excellence through Diversity (SEED) program, administered by the Director of Diversity and Academic Support Services, ensures that students from varied backgrounds have all the support they need to be successful at Prep and beyond.

How do students get extra help with academics if they need it?

Extra help is available to all of our boys after school on a daily basis. Teachers also make themselves available throughout the day. Most of our teachers are also available in the mornings before school. The Director of Diversity & Academic Support Services serves as a liaison between teachers and parents to formulate and design a plan that will benefit the students’ academic and social needs. In short, part of what makes our faculty so great is their willingness to make themselves available to our students.

When can I visit Prep?

We are hosting an Open House on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 from 2 to 4 p.m. You can always call the Admissions Office at (203) 254-4210 and we’ll be happy to arrange a tour.

Can I shadow a student for a day?

We’d love to have you spend a day at Prep. In fact, there’s no better way to get a feel for Fairfield Prep than to spend a day on our campus. We offer a designated Shadow Day where applicants can spend the day as a guest of one of our current students. View more about our Shadow Day program here.

How can I apply?

Prep offers two different tracks for admission as a freshman: Early Decision and Regular Decision. Early decision is for eighth graders who know that Prep is their first choice have an earlier application deadline (and must commit to attend Prep). Regular decision is for eighth graders who are still undecided about coming to Prep.

Visit our Admissions Process page for an explanation of the full breakdown.

What about transfer students or applicants for Sophomore matriculation?

Ninth graders whose school ends at ninth grade are considered sophomore matriculants. Transfer students are ninth and tenth graders who want to transfer to Prep from a different high school. View more on our Admission Process page.

Does Prep admit international students?

Yes we do! Non-immigrant foreign students who wish to apply to Prep will require issuance of an I-20 in order to obtain an F-1 student visa. You can find more about this process here.

Questions? Call Us

We welcome you to give us at call at the Admissions office at (203) 254-4210 if you have further questions about Prep, or contact us via email at

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