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How Technology Enhances The Prep Education

At Fairfield Prep, we believe in preparing our students for a digitally-focused 21st Century. That means allowing them to develop technological skills to help them succeed both at Prep and in their lives beyond Prep.

In 2014, Prep launched a 1:1 iPad program that combined our classic, Jesuit education with the most up-to-date and advanced learning tools available. Today, our students utilize an array of software and online databases integrated with the iPad in every aspect of their Prep education — from learning in the classroom to reading texts to note-taking.Students receive their homework assignments and class notes from teachers in Schoology, annotate readings and submit assignments in Notability, and check their grades in NetClassroom. They purchase and access their textbooks digitally through iBooks, Amazon and other eText readers.

In all of our academic disciplines, technology is used as a way to enhance the learning experience. We do this by creating a hands-on and student-centered environment where students take ownership of their learning. In Foreign Language classes, Prep students utilize a computer-based listening and speaking software, enhancing their retention of grammar and vocabulary. In Biology, students link their iPads with Bluetooth-equipped microscopes allowing them to display on the screen what they’re viewing on the slide. In English courses, students compose video essays as a way to express themselves. In Math, students use a variety of programs and apps to investigate and discover theorems and mathematical rules on their own. In Social Studies, students use the fact that they have access to each of the hundreds of online databases that Fairfield University subscribes to to research historical topics.

Technology is also used in our extracurricular programs – our Robotics Team uses their iPads to help them program as they prepare and participate in regional competitions.

We believe in the iPad as a tool that streamlines the education process for our students while at the same time enhancing their learning experience.

Prep continues to add new technologies each year, including the introduction of a Computer Programming course in 2018 and new computer labs dedicated to Robotics and Foreign Language.

Frequently Asked Questions about 1:1 iPad Program

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For more information on how we integrate technology into our classrooms, download our Course Curriculum.

Course Curriculum