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Summer Program

Fairfield Prep’s Summer Program offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to take courses that help them adjust to the Prep academic climate, learn from our experienced and dedicated faculty members, and meet some of their fellow classmates ahead of the start of the school year.In our Foundations of Technology and Coding course students learn how to use iPad as an educational tool to enhance the learning experience inside and outside of the classroom. They learn how to incorporate various schoolwide apps such as Schoology and Notability into their learning, how to create presentations using Keynote, Pages, Numbers and iMovie, and how to be a digital citizen in the 21st Century. We also introduce the students in how to code in Swift and Java. The course fulfills an academic requirement for the freshmen year, and students who successfully complete the course in the summer will have a free period during the school year.Incoming freshmen can also take three additional courses during the summer: Reading & Study Skills, Effective Writing and Mathematics. While these courses do not fulfill an academic requirement, the experience that these students gain in the courses help them to adjust to the academic challenges and demands they will face in the fall. As an added benefit, Summer Program students get to know both their new school and their fellow classmates in a more relaxed setting.

The Summer Program runs for four weeks, usually the last week in June and first three weeks of July.

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For more information on our Summer Program, or to read about the Foundations of Technology and Coding course, download our Course Curriculum.