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Innovation Department

The development of technology skills is essential for all students in the twenty first century. Students who develop a strong foundation and skills in computer science gain the experience to apply these skills to numerous majors in college and career fields.

To prepare our students for a changing world, but a world that is integrated with technology, Fairfield Prep has revamped their Computer Science curriculum beginning in the 2018 – 2019 academic year. All students will take Foundations of Technology and Coding in their freshman year.

Students will become acclimated to the networks at Prep and begin to look at the iPad as an educational tool. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their role in society by learning about being a digital citizen. Additionally, students will be introduced to different coding languages. Senior students may choose to enroll in Computer Programming as an elective during their senior year. This course will teach students the essentials of coding in the Java language.

Mrs. Rinat Levy Cohen

Director of Innovation

Students are required to take one semester of an Innovation course. 

Innovation Courses

Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute

Making a Video Game in Coding Class

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